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On the Record

Birth Name: None Given
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Mask: Courtesan
Dirge: Monster
Hometown: Forgotten

Race: Vampire
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: The Carnival
Covenant: Invictus
Coterie: None

Off the Record

Winter White has slept for quite some time and awoken to a slightly different world, but she doesn't let that stop her. Coming to New Orleans in search of her bandmate she has decided she enjoys the city. New Orleans is different than any other city and Winter herself has always been "different" so it suits her. Hoping to re-enter the Society and take her place, but she's been weakened by her long slumber.


  • The Carnival - Winter White is a member of The Carnival bloodline, she is quite visibly a freak. She is also a performer that is often happy enough to show off her less than mundane skills in the appropriate venue. She is also drawn to the cast aways society shuns and has far more compassion for those types than the "normals".
  • Daeva - She may be a Freak, but she is still a Daeva. The woman turns heads if not for her almost colorless appearance, then for her strange and abnormal type of beauty and a tendency to be a flirt.
  • Invictus - Despite being a fun loving Daeva and a Freak, she is a member of the First Estate and her etiquette is on point.
  • The Occult - Winter is an expert in the Occult, she can speak and read Latin, has an extensive knowledge of rites and rituals from all around the world.
  • Primogen - Amid quite a scandal and vicious whispers against the previous Primogen Chantal Ewart, Winter rose to take the seat of Primogen. Some claim that Winter herself uncovered or completely fabricated the scandal that unseated Chantal.


  • Gio: You are the light to my darkness, the spring to my winter, you make me fierce.
  • Ajax: The blood drew me, your stoic brutal beauty held me captivated. My Beast.

  • Pan: No one has ever confused and intrigued me more.
  • Alabama: You're far too adorable to be amongst such death.
  • Prosper: A gambling man, too bad he doesn't understand the odds.
  • Salazar: A Savage with the heart of a poet. Intriguing. A mystery I hope never to fully solve. Mon Sauvage.

Notable Statistics

  • Presence: 3
  • Occult: 4
  • Politics: 4
  • Hearts Broken: Countless
  • Hearts Stolen: 1
  • Husbands Stolen: 1
  • Blame Shifted: 1
  • Times Thrown from Moving Vehicles: 3


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