The Zombies

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The Zombies

Pack - Family - Way of life

Hudson002.jpg MarekPack.jpg RainRiverPack.gif SagePack.png RyanPack.jpg
Hudson Jones
Irraka Iron Master

Marek Vasily
Ithaeur Blood Talon

Rain/River Mitchell
Ithaeur Bone Shadow

Sage Vasily-Cohen

Ryan Slade



Territory: West Lakeshore

The Western Lakeshore neighborhood is a relatively new neighborhood sitting on the Southern side of Lake Pontchartrain. It is segmented on the West and East by the New Basin Canal and Orleans Canal respectively. Robert E Lee Boulevard serves as the Southern border.

The area has four parks in addition to the broad amount of shoreline along the canals and lakefront. With two parks (Harlequin and Tourmaline) in the center of each side of the neighborhood and two smaller parks (Tiara and Peridot) that flank Canal Boulevard, green space abounds in Lake Shore.

The Totem: Helreginn

Niflheim. The World of Fog. In Norse mythology Niflheim is the land of absolute darkness, mists, cold and ice. Often it is conflated with Niflhel, the Norse land of the dead. In more common mythology, ghost ships and the voices of the damned are often heard in the mists, often serving as a boundary between the lands of light and the lands of the dead. This is where Helreginn found his start, as one of those names in the cold and the dark. As legends grew and fear for the boundaries between the land of the living and the dead grew along with it, combined with the embrace of the Asatru faith, a giant took form to stalk the mists between the lands of spirits and the lands of the living. In his service to the idea of Hel, Helreginn rolls in with the mists, covering Northern New Orleans and stalking the graveyards for errant restless dead and spirits to feast upon.

As totem for The Zombies, Helreginn is truly extra. The Pack is a good way to patrol the boundaries between the land of the living and those others, expanding Helreginn’s influence. He also demands that they patrol their territory and enforce their hunting grounds the first fog of each month. In return, he offers not only the formidable power of his Jotun self, but also the sense to see through the mists and boundaries to see truth where others would lose it.

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  • A Tempestuous Strategy Meeting
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