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Full Name Ryan Slade
Date of Birth Aug 23rd 2001
Apparent Age Late teens
Virtue Loyal
Vice Vengeful
Occupation Student
Race Wolfblood
Tells Anger Issues, A Wolf's Meat, Exciting, Shape-shifted, & Waystone
Pack Zombies
Current Song Dinosaur Pile-Up - The Backfoot
Ryan is a wolf blooded from SoCal. He was raised to be a good Forsaken blooded. Though he was never one for combat even though he has been trained in it. His mother was an Iron Master Cahalith but she died protecting him. He doesn't trust easily and usually it takes someone saving his life to really build that trust. He has a history of things he regrets and he's trying to be a better person.


The man is 5'9' tall with dirty blond hair with golden highlights. It's naturally straight, cut shorter at the sides and longer at the top, swept-back out of his face. It's kept clean. His eyes are clear bright blue with flecks of amber and grey, the type that seems watery without being watery. They are almond-shaped and slanted slightly down, framed by long thick dark eyelashes and topped with arched eyebrows. He has high cheekbones, straight nose, and a defined jaw with a small dimple on the chin. His bottom lip is thicker than his upper lip with a highly defined cupid's bow. His neck is skinny and long. His skin a light toasted golden and over his nose a few freckles.

He has broad shoulders that have lean muscles weaving through them. His chest is lean but not devoid of muscles. His arms are lean but show obvious definition on his bicep and forearms. His wrists are delicate and bony. His long fingers are gracefully long and skinny. From his shoulders and check his waist is tucked inwards and back out to his hips slightly. He has runners' legs. Long and lean. Leading from legs to skinny ankles that show their veins and bones. He has thin feet that are on the larger side.

RP Hooks
  • Wolfblood - Being wolf blood comes with a lot of responsibilities. There is a great balance in annoying wolves but not so much that they rage. Also sticking with the Oath.
  • Catch and Release - This wolf blood was taken from the Forsaken and was in the hands of the Pure for a time. He's now broken free of the Pure and he's got anger issues.
  • Vampire - There is an interesting dichotomy, he wants a vampire to feed on him yet he wants to stop being addicted to the bite.
  • Young - He's willing to learn and he's young enough that there is lots of time.
  • Anger - As with most wolves and blooded, he has anger issues and he's been trying to put himself back together again.
  • Fighter - He's not much of a fighter but he wants to learn.
  • Other - Up for friends, lovers, enemies. Let's do this.


  • Hudson - Oh wow. Oh yes. Anytime you want to come over, I'll be waiting here for you.
  • Marek - You are a good man and your smile is almost intoxicating.
  • Sage - Good at the coffee maker and a nice person.
  • Rain - You are very kind and I enjoy being around you. You are like warm summer rain.


  • Charlotte - The woman that's like a big sister to me. I adore her.


  • Bishop - Big brother. He saved my life and I owe him everything.

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Historical Evidence