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full name
Conquista del Pan
date of birth
apparent age

Roleplay Hooks

Babyvamp: Pan plays it cool, but they've been a vampire for less than twenty years. Pan has Occult 0. Pan does not often know what the FUCK is going on. Pan has been blundering through things without knowing shit about anything other than vampire - who are these weird aliens walking around that humans can't tell anything's weird with? (Answered: thank you, Mingzhu.) What's up with werewolves and why do they look so good in skirts? (Hello Kenny.) Why are ghosts such guilt-trippers? (Oh god, Malik, so sorry.)

Revolution: As the Primogen of the Carthian Movement (how the fuck does this happen), Conquista del Pan has entirely too much responsibility for someone so young.

Anarchy Is Order: Even among mortals, Pan is known as an anti-fascist organizer and is frequently at after-dark protests. If you've ever seen a hooded masked figure shoving a cop on their ass much harder than it seems like they should on the news? Might have been Pan. Right on top of the gas grenade to throw that shit back and didn't seem phased? Might have been Pan.

Delicious, Delicious Bloods: Pan has become MUCH more selective about feeding recently, sorry!

Pokemon: Pan has like, seven shiny Charizards. You want a shiny Charizard? Let's make a deal. (Update: Pan misses Lickitung.)

Crimes: How does Pan make money? Legally. Of course. How else? Shut up.

Sell Out: Pan has declared their full membership in every covenant. No, the covenants didn't get a vote. It's some fucking Carthian bullshit.

Naughty Vampire Deity: Conquista del Pan has recently received revelation that they are, in fact, a nascent deity. This surely won't go badly at all.

Status: Carthian Movement 5, Praxis 4, Ordo Dracul 3, Lance 1, Invictus 1, Circle 1. Yes that's more than 5 dots. Yes that's more than 5 dots even if you subtract the Carthian dots. Yes this is some fucking Carthian nonsense.



Against Me! - Baby I'm An Anarchist
TMBG - The Communists Have The Music
Left at London - Revolution Lover

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