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Mystery Cults on NOLA are a great way to lend some cohesion to a player group. Families, corporations, actual cults - anything can have a Mystery Cult around it, really, so long as it has a concept, a relic, a doctrine, and follows the guidelines on benefits. To start your own Mystery Cult, contact staff via +request. Cults should be open to new players joining if they provide mechanical benefit; there are no "exclusive" Mystery Cults.

The Coils of Azhi Dahaka

The Coils of Azhi Dahaka is a mortal cult heavily influenced by Ordo Dracul teachings. It pushes its members to shed their preconceptions about human limitations, cultural norms, and morality to embrace the perfection of the true self. Frequently, this is seen by new initiates as an excuse to indulge in body modification and hedonism - and it is, for most who join. But for those who delve deeper, the cult is about perfecting the true inner self.

OOC Contact: Bourbon

Purpose: Perfect the self, shed cultural expectations and norms, overcome all limits.

Relic: The Testament of Zahhak. A book bound in human skin, reported to be ancient in origin, recovered from an archaeological dig in Iran. It reportedly details the testament of a woman who transcended mortality and humanity to become a literal dragon.

Doctrine: There are many beliefs that the followers of the Coils of Azhi Dahaka hold dear, but few rules. Those few rules are the following:

  • Never tell another follower of the Coils how best to pursue their own perfection.
  • Never get in the way of another’s transcendence.
  • To show weakness is expected; to allow one’s self to fail due to weakness is unforgivable. A failure necessitates a second, a third, an infinite amount of further striving.
  • Never allow an outsider to impose their expectations and laws upon a follower of the Coils.


• At the first rank of the Coils, a member begins to learn to look inward, gaining the first dot of the Meditative Mind merit.

•• At the second rank of the Coils, the cultist begins to look outward for answers on how to transform. Through sharing between the cultists, the newly advanced member gains access to the Library merit for a skill of her choosing. She is expected to share her personal Libraries with the rest of the cult as well.

••• As the cultist begins to truly transcend the limitations of her body, she gains the Biokinesis merit at 2 dots. If she has a minor template, this does not count against her 5 dots of Supernatural Merits allowed. If she has a major template (Vampire, Werewolf), she does not benefit from the quick healing of the merit but otherwise gains the benefits (although she may not raise it further with Experiences).

•••• At the fourth rank of the Coils, the cultist gains access to a three-dot Mentor - another cultist on a similar path who does not dictate the path for the cultist, but simply helps guide her where she wishes to go. In addition to the benefits a Mentor normally provides, if the Cultist selects Resources as one of the skills available, the Mentor can acquire supernatural gear as though she were a 5-dot mentor.

••••• At the fifth rank of the Coils, the cultist has transcended most earthly concerns. She may not resemble a normal person closely at all by this stage, but she has, in turn, become in tune to the energies of the world both inside and out. She gains the Omen Sensitivity merit, even if she would not otherwise qualify. This does not count against her limit of 5 dots of Supernatural merits if she has a minor template, and can be utilized even by characters with a major template (vampires, werewolves, and beasts).

The Heirs of Trois-Frere

The mortal-only Heirs of Trois-Frere are cultists, it’s true - but they’re also pack-mates. A group of humans and wolfblooded, this werewolf-less pack is bound to a totem they call The Sorcerer - a spirit who appears to his followers as a horned man in black robes. The Sorcerer promises power via ritual, and the Heirs feed him Essence via their frenzied, shamanistic devotions.

Initiation into the Heirs of Trois-Frere is long and grueling - the initiate is tortured, required to keep from screaming until the point of breaking. When he is exhausted and empty of all will, he is exposed to the Maw of Madness - and is then reborn, with his own unique gift.

Since the Heirs know little and care nothing for the Forsaken, they don’t realize what’s happening is that they’re purposefully put into a place to Dramatically Fail resistance rolls and then exposed to Lunacy via a Fetish, thus turning many initiates into wolfblooded who can then take the Totem merit and increase the power of their Totem. All they know is that they’re accepted, and gain magical power. All rites performed by the Heirs of Trois-Frere utilize a pool of Stamina+Occult.

OOC Contact: Bourbon

Purpose: Gain magical power, serve their brothers, serve their Sorcerer.

Relic: The Maw of Madness; a mask-fetish that allows the wearer to utilize the gift Gaze of the Moon. This fetish is seen both as a weapon to protect the cult and as a trial by fire; by surviving the Maw’s gaze, they gain power and mastery over it.

Doctrine: While the shamanistic beliefs of the Heirs are many and varied, the laws of the group are simple.

  • Serve the Sorcerer in all things.
  • Never betray your Brothers.
  • Pursue power.
  • Reveal to no outsider the secrets of your inheritance.


• At the first rank, members become dedicated to their spirit patron and Father. All members gain a single dot in the Totem merit, whether they qualify to buy it normally or not. A wolfblooded member of the Heirs who already possesses five dots in the Totem merit may instead take the Raised by Wolves merit, even if she has never lived with werewolves - the Totem’s favor of her insulates her from the rigors of living in the world of the supernatural.

•• At the second level of initiation, the Heir learns to speak the Sorcerer’s natural tongue, gaining Language (First Tongue).

••• At the third level of initiation, the Heir gains any one Moon-Birth merit, even if she is not wolfblooded. If she already has a Moon-Birth merit, she may instead learn any level 2 Pack Rite.

•••• At the fourth level of Initiation, the Heir gains the Clever Fingers Tell, even if she is not wolfblooded. If she is not wolfblooded, she gains the ability to lead Pack Rites as if she were. If a wolfblooded heir already has the Clever Fingers Tell, she may learn any other Tell instead.

••••• At the fifth level of Initiation, the Heir receives a Maw of Madness - a fetish that allows her to use the Gaze of the Moon gift. She may activate it as if she were a werewolf.

The Horned Sorcerer, spirit of Man and Secrets (14 points)

Aspiration: Grow the Cult.

Ban: Never reveal a secret without payment.

Bane: Cold Iron.

Advantage: +1 Occult, Occult.Spirits or Interdisciplinary Specialty: Spirits.

Traits: Power 5, Finesse 4, Resistance 5.

Rank: 2

Influence: Cultists 2

Numina: Blast, Implant Mission, Sign.

Manifestations: Twilight Form, Manifest, Possess.

The Black Constables

The mortal-only Black Constables follow in the footsteps of a famous occultist, John Domingo - who is said to have formed the cult before his mysterious, supernatural death. The Constables see themselves as a sort of supernatural police force, although they’re closer to an organized crime family running a protection racket than anything else. When something is too strange to take to the police, though, one can always take it to the Black Constables - even if their price is sometimes very high.

OOC Contact: Bourbon

Purpose: To gain and exercise supernatural power, to protect those who retain their services (for a price).

Relic:The Ouroboros. An obsidian sculpture of a snake swallowing its tail, members wear a smaller silver ring in the shape of a serpent with obsidian eyes to identify themselves. The sculpture itself is said to be a spirit or demon, or perhaps the spirit of John Domingo himself, solidified into black glass to be trapped for eternity.

Doctrine: Mostly, the Black Constables are concerned with solidifying their power base, maintaining their territories, and keeping up their reputation as peacekeepers.

  • Never take a job you can’t finish.
  • Never do a job for free.
  • Never let them see you sweat.
  • Never break the Accords.
  • ...if you do, Never Get Caught.


• At the first level, the Constable gains Contacts (Black Constables). This lets them find jobs, and keeps them in touch with supernatural goings-on in New Orleans, both via the Constables themselves and their accumulated information networks.

•• At the second level, the famed resilience of the Constables kicks in: the Constable gains Biokinesis 1.

••• At the third level, the Constable gains access to the armories of the Cult - gaining Esoteric Armory at two dots.

•••• At the fourth rank, the Constable’s powers begin to manifest more strongly, giving him a three-dot Psychokinesis merit.

••••• At the fifth rank, the Constable gains access to one of the most iconic powers the Constables have: The power to raise the dead. Their ring becomes infused with the black energies of the Ouroboros, and gains the ability to animate the corpse of a human being. Only one such zombie may be raised at a time, but that zombie serves until destroyed, following even complex commands like, “Drive to the graveyard, dig up the body of Melvin Richards, put it in the trunk, and drive back. If anyone sees you, kill them.” It does not think on its own or act of its own initiative, however. Use the following statistics for a zombie:

The Black Dead

Attributes:Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2. Intelligence 1, Wits 2, Resolve 2. Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2.

Skills: Brawl 4, Survival 2, Stealth 4. A zombie rolls a chance die on all Mental and Social skills.

Specialties: Brawl.Biting, Survival.Tracking, Survival.Humans, Survival.Blood.

Advantages: Willpower 4 (A zombie may only spend 2 willpower per scene), Size 5, Speed 9, Health 7, Initiative 4, Defense 2.

Ban: Cannot disobey its creator.

Bane: Called shots to the head.

Dread Powers: Natural Weapons (Bite) 1, Unbreakable, Jump Scare.

The Crown Pleasure Club, AKA the Keepers of the Accords

OOC Contact: Lysander

Ever since the signing of the Accords, New Orleans has been a destination for supernatural tourism. Some people flee persecution and sign the Accords in the hopes that they will be protected under them; others come hunting for a ready source of supernatural blood in a place that keeps a handy list of people with such blood at easy-to-locate places all around town.

Someone has to make sure those lists don't get stolen. Someone has to tell those tourists where to go to Sign, and provide copy services to make sure the lists of the Accorded stay up to date. Someone has to provide arbitration for those who are not under the rule of an Apex, Praxis, or Protector. Yes, it's a group effort that everyone who signs the Accords is expected to participate in, but there are also people working behind the scenes to make sure things go smoothly, and they are called the Keepers of the Accords.

The Keepers provide a pool of manpower and supernatural ability that can be drawn from for the purpose of protecting the Accords themselves, for arbitrating disputes relating to the Accords specifically, and for directing and assisting beings with understanding and obeying the Accords.

The Keepers are not officially sanctioned by the Wardens. They are their own private organization, started by a group of Accorded individuals for the purpose of keeping the Accords and providing a place for Accorded individuals of like mind to gather. They serve as a neutral third party and their presence does not indicate one way or another the wishes of any Warden.

Purpose: Protect the Accords, revel in the gifts that make us unique, and arbitrate fairly and without prejudice or deception.

Relic: The "real" Mardi Gras crown, legendarily the crown worn during the first parade after the Accords were signed. Keepers often wear a stylized Mardi Gras crown in front of a fleur de lis as a lapel pin, necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry. If asked about it, they pass themselves off as members of the Crown Pleasure Club, a charity organization which participates in the parades every year.

Doctrine: Upholding the Accords is the root of the Keepers' laws, but they are also concerned with presenting a neutral, unbiased face to the city at large. They are far less concerned with the appearance of purity, however - New Orleans is a city of vices and the Keepers often exemplify them.

  • The law is blind. Be neutral.
  • The law is heartless. Be truthful.
  • The law is relentless. Protect the Accords at all costs.
  • The law serves others. Serve your community.
  • The law is personal. Revel in that which makes you unique, for it is this which the Accords protect.


• At the first rank, the Novice Keeper learns the Accords themselves and the creatures that have Signed. Gain the Occult specialty "Accorded Beings".

•• At the second rank, the Apprentice Keeper is trained to watch for the various tells and twitches of those he will soon arbitrate for. Gain the Trained Observer merit at 1 dot.

••• At the third rank, the Journeyman Keeper is expected to be above the influence of others. Gain 2 dots in the Supernatural Resistance merit unless this would take you above 5 dots or your template is not eligible for Supernatural Resistance. In that case, gain Indomitable at 2.

•••• At the fourth rank, the Arbiter Keeper is expected to judge truth from lie. Gain Aura Reading at 3 dots. This does not count against her limit of 5 dots of Supernatural merits if she has a minor template, and can be utilized even by characters with a major template (vampires, werewolves, and beasts).

••••• At the fifth rank, the Master Keeper gains the Curse Effigy merit at 3 points. This does not count against her limit of 5 dots of Supernatural merits if she has a minor template, and can be utilized even by characters with a major template (vampires, werewolves, and beasts).

The Eternal Librarians

The Eternal Library is old. No-one knows exactly, but the Library contains writings by positively ancient scholars who knew of it. The library is not the building, however, it's the collection. At times, when their current location seems starved of knowledge or too potent a threat, the Librarians choose to move to a new location. They moved to New Orleans during the French Revolution, this was its most recent relocation.

Initiates are expected to bring occult knowledge when they seek to join the Librarians, to prove their dedication to the project. Though this does not need to be knowledge not already in the Library (though it is appreciated) it must be something not commonly known even to those familiar with many of the secrets of the world.

OOC Contact: Azar

Purpose: Gather and protect all the secret knowledge of the world.

Relic: The original manuscript of the epic of Gilgamesh.


  • A Library without knowledge is just a building: Seek Secrets for the Library
  • A Library without protection will burn one day: Protect the Library at all costs.
  • A Library without organization can never teach: Keep your writings and your life organized.
  • A Library without librarians cannot survive: Keep an eye out for gifted and driven people who might serve the Library one day.


• At the first Rank, the Librarians are taught to look, to learn. To better be able to notice that which might be of interest to be recorded for the Library. They gain the 1-dot version of Trained Observer, if they already have that merit, they instead get a dot of investigative prodigy.

•• At the second Rank, the Librarians are granted access to the secure sections of the Library, where they can spend as much time as they like to research. Rooms and food are available to those who need or want them. They gain one dot in Safe Place (Eternal Library)

••• At the third Rank, the Librarians learn to consult with the spirits of the dead and other beings on their quest for knowledge. They gained the Automatic Writing merit even if they would not otherwise be able to take it. If they already have it, they get Unseen Sense (Supernatural Writings) instead.

•••• At the fourth Rank, the Librarians are finally granted access to most of the secrets stored within its vaults. They gain the Library (Occult) merit at 3 dots.

••••• At the fifth Rank, the Librarians learn how to examine objects for the secrets of their past. They receive the psychometry merit even if they would not otherwise be able to take it. If they already have it, they gain aura reading instead.

The Eternal Library (Safe Place, 4 points)

A relatively non-descript building in the French Quarter. The Eternal Library's security is tight. The lower floors are open to all those who know of the Library's existence, but the higher up one goes the more difficult it is to get permission to go. The security systems are not just hard to bypass, but they are aided by automated turrets and other high tech traps.

The Order of the Golden Moon

Want to score that important internship? Get that big promotion at your new job? Do you want wealth, love, success? The Order of the Golden Moon is everything that those fraternities and secret societies promise to be, and more. It’s magic, man, and it can make all your dreams come true. As for the rumors of wild excesses, booze-soaked bacchanals and orgiastic practices that dog the Order -- well, yolo. Right?

The truth is, this society was created for the amusement and pleasure of a vampire blood sorcerer, who then decided to open it up to any other supernatural being who was willing to play along. What the hell, right? But the benefits of membership are real, and the parties last all night.

OOC Contact: Royal or Marek

Purpose: A society of college students and young professionals in New Orleans dedicated to Ceremonial magic in the tradition of the Ordo Templi Orientis and the Golden Dawn.

Relic: A tarot card deck once owned by Aleister Crowley.


  • Rule 1: Know. Dare. Be Silent.
  • Rule 2: Keep New Orleans magical.
  • Rule 3: Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law.
  • Rule 4: Adore those hidden beings of great magical power; the world would destroy them but we can Exalt them.


• Training in the magical arts is provided (Occult specialty: Ceremonial magic)

•• The Golden Moon is a haven for the young and ambitious across all professions. Gain a version of the “Friends in High Places” Merit (Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition pg. 112. This works as written, but swap out references to the Invictus for the Order of the Golden Moon, including the merit’s drawback.)

••• As a full member of the Order, you gain the benefits of regular membership. Gain the Hobbyist Clique merit and apply its benefits to Occult rolls. You must stay in good standing with the Order and attend regular meetings to maintain the benefits of this merit.

•••• Further magical training. Members get the Clairvoyance (•••) merit manifested through magical scrying techniques (crystal balls, pool of water with ink, etc.) Even supernatural members may learn this merit. It does not count against the limit of 5 supernatural merits for Ghouls and Fae-Touched.

••••• The final secrets of the Golden Moon allow a member to channel the raw power of magic to defend themselves or smite their enemies. Members receive the Psychokinesis (•••) merit. This does not count against the limit of 5 supernatural merits for Ghouls and Fae-Touched. Players may later elect to raise this to Psychokinesis (•••••) by spending further Experiences should they wish to. Even supernatural characters may acquire this merit via the secrets of the Golden Moon (while this does allow Kindred to elect to manipulate fire using this merit, they receive no special immunity from frenzy due to the flames they create and should proceed with caution).

Per the merit, a character learns to manipulate a specific type of energy when they receive this merit and should they elect to learn others they acquire them normally per the rules of their supernatural template, if able to do so at all.

Modified Drawback: Note that the version of this merit taught by the Golden Moon requires magical tools such as a wand, staff, knife, sword, or talisman. The Merit cannot be used without these tools. However, the drawback listed on Chronicles of Darkness pg. 58 does not apply. Otherwise the merit works as written.

The Cŵn Annwn

The Cŵn Annwn is a group dedicated to the resurrection of pagan gods, centralized in the British Isles. Far from a New Age group of flower children, the cult acknowledges and embraces the darkness inherent in pre-Christian faiths. Passed down by oral tradition and occasional corrections by their deity himself, worshipers seek to define a world in which those who eschew Christianity may abide forever with a god whose world will not be filled with an eternity of singing his praises.

Antiquity knew of no Yahweh, no Christ, and man struggled against nature and the fears of the dark, the unknown, the wilds. From the essence of existence there rose Gods to fulfill their needs. Gods of the wild, of sex, of birth, of harvests. Offering the people a way to influence their own fate and their environment in exchange for their dutiful worship and sacrifice. Throughout the world they rose in different flavors, with different traditions and demands, but all had gods of the sun, of the moon, of harvests and the hearth, of women. From the depths of the primeval forests of a Northern Island rose a god of the deep woods, of lust, wild beasts, and the underworld, only to later fall to the faith of a desert handyman and his message of love. The Tyranny of Heaven and Hell stole the Horned God's faithful away. But the world is a grey place, neither black nor white, and man deserves a final rest in a haven free of tyranny. The Cŵn Annwn has the goal of harvesting souls to empower the ancient god Cernunnos and give his realm substance. Followers will dwell with him upon death in a land of pleasure and plenty, rescuing the faithful from the Tyranny of Heaven.

OOC Contact: Helle

Purpose: Establish an alternative afterlife and bring the old gods (whatever they are) back to power.

Relic: The mask of the Horned God is a likeness of a beast cast in bronze, wood and leather. It is reputed that when worn, the mask empowers the wearer to host Cernunnos for a time, enabling him to partake in the reaping of pleasure, souls, and sacred rites. The wearer is imbued with the fleetness of a deer, the strength of a wolf, the sight of an owl, and the ears of a bat.


  • No Sacrificing Christians or Jews. We do not want to draw the attention of their god. The ignoble make perfect sacrifices.
  • Do not acknowledge Satan. He is a perversion of the Old Ways stolen by the Christians.
  • Do not indulge in the concept of evil. There is no good, there is no evil.
  • Indulge in the primal nature of things. We are born of lust, blood, and fear.


• Fast Reflexes 1 - Your character's mix of sharp reflexes and steady nerves helps him get the drop on adversaries.

•• Cohesive Unit 1 -The Cŵn know how to work as a pact, acting as one. Effect: Your character is a natural leader who brings out the best from those he works with. At one dot, team members add +2 dice to teamwork actions dedicated to helping the team (see Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook, p. 72).

••• Shapechanging 2 - Shapechange into a beast of the wilds

•••• Incite Ecosystem 3

••••• Sacrificial Offering 3 - A human victim must be brought to a ritual site, restrained, and sacrificed. The rite has been known (when the practitioners achieve 10+ successes on an extended roll) to allow spirits of the ancient gods (ephemerals of rank 2) to possess the body and perform feats of power, but even rites that are not truly "successful" in such a fashion often leave the ritemaster imbued with power for several days per the rules of Sacrificial Offering on Hurt Locker pg. 76.

The Unseen Eye

Founded by devotees of Leonardo Notarbartolo, the Cult of the Unseen Eye admire their idol’s skill in theft and social manipulation. After he was arrested in the wake of the world-famous Antwerp Diamond Heist, he used aliases to conceal the identities of his four co-conspirators. From Notarbartolo, the Eye learned to stick together, to never sell out your comrades, and to maintain the ideal of honor among thieves.

OOC Contact: Prism

Purpose: Crime is Fun! The Unseen Eye are a supernaturally-endowed NOLA crime syndicate whose purpose is to get rich, have fun, and not get caught.

Relic: A set of lockpicks said to have belonged to Notarbartolo himself. Normally under lock and key, the kit is brought out for ceremonies and special functions.

Doctrine: On its face, the group is a criminal organization interested in keeping the peace in the criminal underworld so all can expand the member’s self wealth.

  • Don’t steal from others within the organization.
  • Don’t snitch on those within the organization.
  • Don’t abandon another from the organization who is in need of aid.
  • Indulge in getting what you want and don’t get caught.


• Larceny.Lockpicking: The basics of getting where you’re not supposed to be.

•• Untouchable: Don’t get caught.

••• Sleight of Hand: Stealing like it’s second-nature.

•••• Anonymity 3: Hide yourself, stay safe.

••••• Thief of Fate: The ultimate secret: stealing luck itself.

The Subtle Spanner

The Machine. Call it The Man, The System, the God-Machine. It's invisible stranglehold must be challenged. Its agents and machinations are subtle and incomprehensible, but they are not infallible. Conspiracy theorists, secret agents, S-Mart employees with a startling degree of insight, executives, radical humanists, all comprise the Subtle Spanner, an initiation-based organization meant to free the world from this unthinkable yoke, by any means necessary.

OOC Contact: Howard

Purpose: To identify the machinations of the God-Machine and to thwart its agents, destroy its infrastructure and subvert its influence in the world.

Relic: A gold-plated gear linkage, once a part of actual machinery that was used in a known Infrastructure pylon, but mechanically failed. It is broken, but now coated in gold and prized as proof that not all the world bows to the eldritch tyranny of this would-be deity.


  • Be subtle. Let your works be known by their results.
  • Thwart the Machine and destroy it's agents and it's tools, but do not act incautiously. Our cause is a long one, and we must persevere.
  • Be the living document. The systems of information can not be owned by the Machine if they remain alive. Share what you know.
  • Never let yourself truly become part of the Machine. Death before compliance.


• Occult.God-Machine - Get to know what we're fighting against.

•• 1 Esoteric Armory - Equipped by the organization to be able to deal with minor agents of the God-Machine.

••• Unseen Sense (God-Machine) - Through a combination of technology and mental focus and acuity, gain the ability to see the patterns that will reveal the true enemy.

•••• Hidden Variable, Supernatural Resistance 1 - Psychic conditioning is used to prime agents of the Spanner to be able to disrupt the workings of the Infrastructure, while withstanding its mind-warping effects.

••••• Stripping the Gears: Through a combination of intense training and mental conditioning, sheer belief, and determination in the Spanner's mission and abilities, you gain +3 dice to rolls undertaken to take action directly against the God-Machine or it's Infrastructure.

The Anonymous

Anonymous is an international group of hacker activists, known for initiating cyber attacks against governments, institutions and corporations. The group began on 4chan, an anonymous English-language imageboard website, in 2003. Anonymous is decentralised, has no leadership and its members are unidentifiable. Members often choose to cover their faces or wear the Guy Fawkes mask, made famous in the graphic novel and film V for Vendetta. Hackers also often cover their voices by using voice-changers or speech-to-text programmes.

Within this group of activists, there are deeper secrets to be found - an inner circle so to speak of anonymous hackers who espouse anonymity to the point that it grants them power beyond other mortals. To these individuals, the group acts as a shield: even if one is uncovered, it can never be proved whether they were the one responsible or some other, nameless member did the deed.

These are The Anonymous ones, who give up fame and notoriety to do their work unseen.

OOC Contact: Cassadee

Purpose: Grab the information you desire and free the world.

Relic: Guy Fawkes Mask - A symbol of the power of anonymity.

Doctrine: This is a group about de-masking those who take advantage of others and giving the people a voice.

  • Hack the planet.
  • Expose the corrupt.
  • Set information free
  • Give voice to those without one


• Untouchable: The first lesson is to say unseen, to spread false clues, to never let anyone be sure of anything.

•• Indomitable: The second is to resist the foul machinations of the supernatural.

••• Technopathy 2: The third is to become one with the machine.

•••• Closed Book 3: The fourth lesson? Never give up your secrets or your sources.

••••• Anonymity 3: At the final rank, the character has given up any hope at ever achieving acclaim or status in order to live completely off the grid.

MDK Operations

MDK Operations was formed in 1984, by Spencer Angevin and Reginald Gray. Both were US Army Special Forces soldiers who had served together during the Vietnam Conflict, and were known for both their exceptional skill, close friendship, and the zeal they exhibited in combat. After the war, both men found adjusting to civilian life difficult, and craved the danger and excitement of warfare, and started working as mercenaries in 1978.

By 1982, the two men had assembled a small company of like-minded soldiers of fortune and began using the money and influence they had gathered to form a group which would eventually become MDK Operations. For the most part they performed community security services, as well as undertaking mercenary work. It was during one of these operations that the organization became aware of the supernatural forces existing in the world. Since that incident, the group has specialized in dealing with supernatural elements, and offer services (at a premium) specifically for dealing with such forces.

MDK Operations cultivates a culture that values camaraderie, skill, and a devil may care fatalism that comes from living such a dangerous lifestyle. Operatives are as known for their brutally efficient tactics as they are for their hedonistic excesses.

OOC Contact: Gray

Purpose: To provide an outlet for those that crave danger and excitement, and to make a profit while doing so.

Relic: Angevin: A Taurus Raging Judge Magnum, an assertive implement infused with the ghost of Reginalds late friend and co-founder.

Doctrine: MDK Operations enforces only a vaguely militaristic chain of command for their mercenary work. They pay their operatives well, and encourage them to live life to the fullest.


1. If you accept a contract, you either see it through or you die trying. We have a reputation to keep up.

2. We're in this for the money, not the morality. Don't take sides. This ain't Seven Samurai

3. No beefs inside the crew. If you have a problem, settle it with your fists, not with gossip and bullshit. Never, ever, go against the crew in public.

4. We are not psychopaths. Just because a problem can be solved with a bomb in an apartment building doesn't mean it should. Minimize collateral damage at all times.


• Pledges cannot be squeamish, and must be able to push through physical and emotional discomfort. Pledges gain either the Tolerance for Biology Merit or a dot in the Iron Stamina Merit.

•• Members have seen some weird shit in the field and have begun to develop a 'knack' for sensing supernatural creatures in their vicinity. They gain the Unseen Sense Merit.

••• Members have learned the value of preparation, and gain 2 dots of the Esoteric Armory Merit.

•••• Members who last this long have nerves of steel. They gain either the Indomitable or Iron Will Merit. They are also well connected and well funded, and may gain a dot in Allies, Contacts, or Resources.

••••• Those leading the cult are best able to discern the abilities of their marks. Once per chapter, they may 'mark' a target for the cult. Any cultist then gains the 9-again benefit on ALL rolls to hunt down that individual, whether rolls to track them, sneak up on them, attack them or wear them down indirectly. Only one individual may be marked at a time; marking a new one removes the previous mark.

The Heirs of Frankenstein

This is a tale of perseverence. The Heirs of Frankenstein know that he was technically Frankenstein's Monster, but fuck Victor Frankenstein. His creation is more than welcome to his creator's name. At some point in the 19th century, what is generally agreed upon to have been that figure, donned a mask and attempted to find purpose in defending the innocent among humanity, in order to create empathy. Whether or not this was successful, it inspired an order that took after him. Not interacting as much with supernaturals that have societies such as werewolves or vampires, but instead seeking out the things that would not police their own, oddities on the fringes, and defended the ignorant from them. The mask became both symbolic and practical, and today ranges from surgical masks, tactical faceguards, antifa masks and more, but the act of wearing them anonymizes the Heirs of Frankenstein in a symbolic way to make them part of the bulwark of the waking world, rather than part of the fringe, though their experiments with the notes left by their founder have made that line blur over time somewhat. Blending in global traditions of mysticism with the discoveries on energy in the human body, many of them over time have become psychic vampires, their bodies empowered but unable to sustain themselves entirely, some thinking it the corrupted chi of Frankenstein, others a genetic anomaly induced, but the result is the same. Not all of them are, but they do count a greater number of them than would be expected from most groups with their agenda.

OOC Contact: El Sabor

Purpose: To protect the innocent and ignorant from the darkness at their doorstep.

Relic: The Mask of Frankenstein - When their founder left into the unknowable world to find other meaning, he left behind his first mask, as a symbol for what the order could become. It always seems to carry a static charge.


  • Protect and defend the world that does not understand.
  • Vengeance isn't justice. The dark path doesn't end
  • The mask is sacred. It represents your place in the world. Don't dishonor it.
  • Whatever you are, don't let yourself become what we fight.


• Untouchable 1 - The order has gone to great lengths to make its agents difficult to indict or even find with regard to the minor breaches they may commit in the pursuit of their goal. They know full well what an angry mob can do.

•• Biokinesis 1 - The order's experiments with the flow of energy in the body have yielded results that allow for fast healing and greater body control.

••• Esoteric Armory 2 - The means by which the Heirs can mount defenses against certain types of foes.

•••• Mask of Fate - Gives the Assertive Implement merit at 3 dots, but instead of a weapon itself, the Heir's mask awakens, and extends its influence to one means of attack for the scene that can be used with brawl, weaponry or firearms. These masks are formed with spirits that awaken from the order's call for justice, and will refuse to operate for any task done purely for personal gain, and will assert its penalty to any action that would actively predate upon an innocent. They otherwise develop their own personalities, and are considered like partners.

••••• Thief of Fate - The lasting legacy of the order's founder, shunned despite intention, the Heirs have discovered the means by which to harness great power from their foes and those around them, at the risk of making them pariahs to those around them.

Persephone's Revival

Persephone's Revival is a human potential movement that has undergone many changes since its early beginnings as a survivalist commune forming after the Great Depression brought out the worst in the Wards. Evolving through the decades, the cult drew upon the hippie movement, capitalizing on the fall of it to draw in even more of the disenfranchised and outcasts that now sought new direction and meaning.

The collective focuses on uplifting addicts, homeless, felons and others who have seemingly squandered their potential and fallen on hard times. Revivalists focus on unlocking a nebulous internal strength through a healthy mixture of inspirational motivation, community involvement and occult herbalism. Members often find themselves in positions of low to middle influence, all the better to draw more into their persuasive and seemingly care free ranks.

OOC Contact: Aurelie

Purpose: Uplifting social outcasts through community service, self improvement and the occasional harrowing, hallucinatory awakening.

Relic: Brass watering can. A battered antique from the early 1920's, it was an unexpected survivor after arsonists destroyed a community farming attempt at holding back local starvation.


  • Do not take more than you are prepared to give in return.
  • Do not let a Revivalist in need go wanting. Their strength is yours.
  • Do not disturb the garden of your fellow Revivalist, it is sacred unto them.
  • Do not resist personal growth, instead encourage its many forms. Your strength is shared with the Revival.


• At the first rank, Revivalists shed their resentments against society at large by accepting a more outgoing and uplifting outlook reflected in a Persuasion Specialty of Inspiring or Interdisciplinary Specialty.

•• At the second rank, members cultivate a personal garden to serve as a private focus on the teachings of Persephone's Revival. Through balance, care and sacrifice, members learn Holistic Awareness.

••• At rank three, cultists have wrapped themselves in the teachings of the group. Surrounded by like minds of similarly charismatic personality, Revivalists gain the Hobbyist Clique merit pertaining to Persuasion rolls. So long as they have the favor of their fellow Revivalists.

•••• At the fourth rank, Revivalists unlock the full potential of their sacred gardens and hidden urban glens. Deep meditation found through hallucinatory visions, ecstatic ordeals and determined fasting among the flora of their gardens brings Clairvoyance fueled insights.

••••• At the fifth level, truly gifted members bring the full scope of their devotion to the Revival to display in Laying on Hands, healing with a touch and purifying the sick or addicted.

Your Cult Here!

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OOC Contact: Maybe you!

Purpose: The sky's the limit.

Relic: Something really cool!

Doctrine: Some nice flavorful rules.

  • A rule based on the flavor of the Cult.
  • A rule based on the history of the Cult.
  • A rule based on the culture of the Cult.
  • A rule based on the true nature of the Cult.


• A skill specialty or one-dot merit.

•• A one-dot merit.

••• A two-dot merit, probably supernatural.

•••• A three-dot merit, probably supernatural.

••••• A three-dot merit or other, probably supernatural, benefit not otherwise defined in game terms of equivalent power.