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Welcome to NOLA: The Game That Care Forgot.

NOLA is a game set - perhaps not entirely unexpectedly - in a city very similar to New Orleans, Louisiana. It is in the same geographical location, it bears the same name, and much of the same history. The staff of NOLA love the real-world city, which is why we've chosen to set it in this particular place - but it is based on that city, only, and does not seek to replicate it exactly. The New Orleans of this game is one where you do not need to know all the details (although they certainly help), and if something's slightly off (whether on staff's side or players') we won't stress about it too hard. It is, after all, a game we're playing. If most of the nation wouldn't blink at an inaccuracy in a television show based in New Orleans, we certainly won't stress about it here.

The main theme of our game is one of a melting pot. In New Orleans, the supernatural world doesn't have any sharp lines of division. Where the supernatural ends and the mundane begins is a fuzzy question in a world with mortals who can sense the things that walk in the darkness, read minds, and light things on fire with their brains. In a world where vampires and werewolves claim overlapping territories, alliances and rivalries will form across the lines of the species

The Spheres available on NOLA are Changeling, Vampire, Werewolf, and Mortal. Mortal characters can be pure Human, Fae-Touched, Wolfblooded or Ghouls, and can undergo Becomings into any supernatural sphere. Human characters who meet certain (not difficult) criteria may be considered a part of the Shadow Accords, and become eligible to take part (relatively) safely in the world of the supernatural, including membership in vampire coteries, werewolf packs, or motleys.

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port: 2018

State of the Spheres

Vampire Closed
Werewolf Closed
Changeling Closed
Human Closed
Ghoul Closed
Wolfblooded Closed
Fae-Touched Closed
Atariya Closed
Infected Closed
Lost Boy Closed
Plain Closed
Psychic Vampire Closed