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A Tempestuous Strategy Meeting

Characters: Etienne, Hudson, Sage & Ryan - The Zombies
Date: 2020-05-27
Summary: In which the Zombies meet to discuss the research they have done into the Zi Adua monster they discovered beneath the local Catholic School, and make further plans.

Hudson has texted everyone to let them know there is a strategy meeting in the living room. His mood has been...stormy...to say the least, since their encounter with the creature on the grounds of the catholic school, and he has been making almost incessant drone passes over the area, trying to track any comings or goings from the place.

In time for today's meeting, Hudson has shifted to Dalu and is just finishing up with rearranging *all* the furniture in the living room to face towards a large noticeboard on wheels he has set up. It is labelled (at the top) 'Operation Bugbomb', and he has printed an overhead photo of the school and surrounding areas and pinned that right in the middle, along with labels showing where the storm shelter is and areas for profiles of 'Skinwearer' and 'Marve' and 'Goons'. "Skinwearer" has

- is telepathic?
- is slightly larger than a teenage boy


- Zombie Goon Squad

Listed under his heading right now. It's the middle of a very warm day, but Hud has all of the windows closed, and the curtains are drawn. It looks like the AC is just going to have to work extra hard today.

Ryan is holding a few books, and he has a notebook. He stops and stares at Hudson before turning to look at the notice board. He starts reading over the information that Hudson has. He walks over to the back of the 'class', and he takes a heavy seat. He starts arranging his papers and opens a few books. He lifts his eyes up, and he reads over the 'Skinwearer' lines. He grunts quietly as he looks over his notes.

He's wearing black skinny jeans and an army green t-shirt. "It is psychic." He points out to the Alpha.

Sage meanders in with a glass of wine in his hand. He's in running shorts and a cropped tank top that reads: I'm not gay, I'm SUPER gay. He glances at the board as he takes a seat. "Hey," he says. "So, I had a really vivid dream, and I don't know if it was just a dream or what, but I can tell you what it was about if that would help."

Etienne shows up not too long after the text is received, showing up outside and ringing the bell/buzzer/what have you like a normal person. He wears a pair of black jeans and combat boots, and a black t-shirt. There are several rings around his fingers in silver and black silicone -- no actual silver. With hands in his pockets, he leans up against the wall and waits to be let in, his usual dark sunglasses concealing his eyes.

Hudson shifts back down from Dalu over the course of several seconds once he's done rearranging the furniture. It's an uncomfortable-looking process with an audible cracking of bone in several places that produces a slight grunt from the Irraka. He smiles at both Ryan and Sage as they enter and explains "Hey! I knew you two had been hitting the books, so I figured it would be good to get together and get some strategy going, right?" he explains. Something Ryan says makes him smile a little brighter, and Hud heads on over to the board to cross out the question mark next to '- is telepathic' so it reads like more of a statement. "I think Rain and Marek are both busy, but I invited a friend of mine who offered to help...you guys won't be able to see, but he's..." which is when the doorbell goes, and Hudson adds "...a FAIRY" is a loud stage whisper, before heading on over and checking the camera, before doing the necessary to buzz Etienne through.

Ryan blinks a few times. "Aren't we all?" He shrugs his shoulders and looks down at his book before looking at Sage. "Your dream...what was it about?" He sees the wine in the man's hand. At least Ryan's been gaining weight. He no longer looks skeletal, which is good. The young man turns to eye the door waiting to see who walks through the door. His heart pounding.

Sage laughs and says, "So am I. Where's my trophy?" He winks at Hudson, then tells Ryan, "I'll tell you later, what he's talking about. Just try to be diplomatic." He watches Hudson go to buzz Etienne in, and he says, "I'll talk about it once we're all settled. I don't want to leave anyone out." He gets to his feet to greet the newcomer.

Etienne comes wandering in through the door once he's allowed entry, running fingers through his dark hair but not quite taking off his sunglasses yet, not until he's further into the area where the curtains are drawn. Then he lifts them and sets them on top of his head. He lifts a chin in greeting to Sage and Ryan. "Afternoon," he says, his accent distinctly French, though more northern French than the cajun/creole of the area. "Nice to meet you."

Hudson looks back over his shoulder and bursts into a laugh at Ryan and Sage, poking his tongue at them as he tugs open the door to let Etienne on inside. "Hey!" he greets, closing the door behind them and then checking the camera to make sure Etienne wasn't followed. Once he's satisfied, Hud follows along and introduces everyone. "This is Sage, and Ryan" Hudson points out the two blooded. "They're our wolfbloods. They've been researching this thing like crazy" he explains, shooting each of them a genuine smile as he does. To the blooded, Hudson introduces "This is Etienne, he's accorded and knows some pretty sweet magic and stuff. He can help us out." and claps Etienne lightly on the shoulder, before heading back on over to the noticeboard at the front of the room.

Ryan blinks a few times. "When the fuck am I not diplomatic?" He pushes himself off the table and stands, holding his elbow with his other arm. He stares at Etienne and tilts his head looking between him and Hudson. He grunts quietly, and when the man talks, he nods his head. The young blooded stares at Hudson and offers him a small grin. He looks to the notice board, and he gestures to the chairs before he turns and walks into the kitchen. "I'm making breakfast burritos. Who wants them?" He offers to the room. "Thinking is hard and must be fueled."

Sage tells Ryan, "I never said you weren't, doll. Relax." He smiles at Etienne and says, "Hello, Etienne. It's nice to meet you. Can I get you something to drink?" He gestures to the arranged seating to let the guest take his pick. "Are they vegetarian?" he asks Ryan. "If so, yes. If not, I'm good."

Etienne meets Ryan's stare with his own, his head tipping just slightly to the side and his lips quirking curiously. One brow inches up, but he doesn't question the look. Then his attention flickers over to Sage, and he shakes his head, politely, "No, I'm fine, but thank you." He makes his way over to one of the chairs that have been set up in front of the board. He has no books or notebooks or anything at all with him save his phone, which he leaves in his back pocket for the moment as he crosses one leg over the other and rests his elbow on the arm of the chair, chin balanced in his hand.

"Please! Thanks, babe!" Hudson calls after Ryan when he heads on over to the kitchen area to make a start on breakfast burritos. There's a slight pause, before Hudson calls over "With hot sauce, please!" because Hudson apparently eats everything with hot sauce these days. This is soon followed by Sage, who gets an identical "Please! Thanks, babe!" to his offer of a drink, which produces a happy laugh from the Irraka, who then qualifies his statement with "Do we have any of the really good beer left?" and then to Ryan, as he remembers the bodega where they *buy* the really good beer "Is there any of that blood sausage left? I want that in mine!" as he piles special order on top of special order. Looking to Etienne then, Hud flashes a grin and declares "I made a murder board!" and begins pointing out the overhead photograph of the catholic school, and most importantly the storm shelter where the monster seems to be based.

Ryan grumbles a little. "Uh... Is egg vegetarian? Cause it's an omelet with peppers and onions on top of a tortilla and rolled, topped with queso." He points out. "I don't know what vegetarian is other than you don't eat cow." He brings out the eggs and peppers and onions and starts working away. He starts cutting up the vegetables. "As you wish." He turns to look at Sage with a grin. "I'll make yours and mine first so we don't get any of the meat juice on ours." He nods his head and starts making the two omelets. He turns to look at Etienne. "Are you sure you don't want any food? I'm here, I'm making it." He points to the first omelet cooking.

Sage grabs a beer for Hudson and some orange juice for Ryan, which he sets on the counter for him. "Yes, eggs are vegetarian, and that sounds amazing." He brings Hudson his beer and takes a seat. "My research hasn't given me much, but that dream had 'vision' written all over it." He takes a drink of his Chardonnay. Today's day-drinking choice is white wine, not red.

"You did," Etienne says when Hudson declares that he's made a murder board since he can see said murder board directly in front of him. His attention flickers to it, and he looks over the images as well as what is written there. "And you said they've been making masks there? Just.. zombies making masks, regular masks?" That still seems to baffle him a little bit. When Ryan offers food again, Etienne considers and says, "If it isn't too much trouble, sure. I'll have whatever you're making." He makes no particular special orders, himself. "And I'll have a glass of juice as well if you don't mind." Since if he's eating, now he'll need one, giving a faintly apologetic smile to Sage for changing his mind. He seems intrigued by the mention of the dream.

Ryan nods to Etienne. "You are not acceptable to me. I don't trust those that do not eat." He grins kindly to the man. There is a story there. He puts another pan down and a small pot. He starts making queso, and he's working away in the kitchen. The one pan heats the tortilla's while the other cooks the omelet. He grabs four plates and puts one of the omelets on the hot tortilla and rolls it. He puts it in the oven to keep it warm and works through the other two that aren't all meaty.

Hudson watches Ryan and Sage in the kitchen, attention momentarily distracted by the scent of food. The wolf chews briefly on his bottom lip until he's distracted by Sage returning with his beer, which gets abroad grin. "Thanks" Hudson beams at the blooded, before taking a long drink and looking back to Etienne. "Yeah, it looked like they were making PPE, and he said they had to get it to local clinics" Hudson explains. "The zombies were...it was like it had ripped the soul right out f them, it was freaky..." he wrinkles his nose in distaste. "We don't know if they are regular masks, or if there is something weird about them. We heard sewing machines going though." he explains "So they're definitely making them there." He looks between Etienne and Ryan as they exchange words, that grin returning, before finally settling on Sage. "Yeah, your dream, that's interesting!" Hudson nods, then asking "What'd you dream?"

Sage grins at Etienne, and he gets him a glass of orange juice. He doesn't seem to mind doing it. He takes a seat on the end of the couch, tucking his legs beneath him. He takes a sip of wine, then says, "I dreamt that, in the First Tongue, they were called the Zi Adua, or the Soul Purifiers, and they're sort of akin to the Uratha of the spirit world, caretaking human souls. There were tales of packs hunting them, but most of the tales are of Wisdom or Cunning. Sometimes, there was Honor to be found in dealing with them. They were generally considered honorable, and they affect the Hisil very little, despite some of the brutal methods they employ." He pauses to drink, and his gaze has gone a little unfocused as he sifts through his memory.

"One story relates a Zi Adua serving as a prison warden. Within that prison, it was one of the most gorgeous spiritual landscapes the local pack had ever seen. It's said that as a Zi Adua purifies the soul, spirits of hope and renewal, compassion and growth all tend to flourish."

Etienne raises a brow when Ryan declares him unacceptable despite the fact he'd just agreed to eat, seeming a little bit confused about the entire exchange, but when Sage offers him the glass, he accepts it with a dip of his head and takes a small sip before setting it next to him for the time being. He nods to Hudson when he talks about what was going on in the school, but then settles in to hear the recounting of the dream with interest. "So.. these soul purifiers congregate in places where there's purification needing to be done, impure souls, and they make it happen?"

The young man finishes up the burritos, even a blood sausage one and makes sure they are all still warm. He pulls out the plates, takes a ladle and douses the burrito in queso. He does this to all of them. He nods at his work and then turns off the stove. Cutlery is grabbed and wrapped with napkins. He hands out the bundle of utensils, before grabbing the plates and delivering them. Hudson's got a bright pink drink umbrella so he could remember which one had the meat in it. They are all handed out, and Ryan moves to sit down. "They are called Soul Sculptors in English and are known as the Glyptis Psychis in the Greek or the Anima Caelatoris in Latin." He shrugs his shoulders. "They seem to be very territorial but are said to be reasonable, so long as respect is paid. Their power is derived from a plane foreign to most Urathas understanding of cosmology, not holding to magic or dreams or even death. Wolfbloods with psychic abilities... well we tend to... be better diplomats to them." He gives Hudson a look that says a lot at least to the Alpha.

Hudson starts frantically writing on the board as Sage recounts his dream, making notes of anything that seems important:

-Zi Adua
-Purifies human souls
- Sometimes hunted?
- Can be honorable??
- Prison Warden
- Peace and love?!?!!?

That last one gets a lot of punctuation, and Hud looks over his shoulder a little incredulously the more Sage speaks. Then Ryan appears, and he gets back to scribbling. He doesn't even attempt to write down the greek or Latin, though 'Soul Sculptors' gets scribbled down and then:

- Possibly reasonable
- Weird powers
- Send Sage make talky talky

Though that last one gets a full si question marks and a wiggly smiley face after it. This accomplished, Hudson can resist the call of the burrito no longer, and he reaches for his, taking a *big* bite of the still too hot snack and grunting in hearty approval. "You're getting good at this!" he grins approvingly at Ryan, reaching for his beer to wash it down with.

Sage watches Hudson write on the board, and he smiles wryly as he writes about Sage making talky talky. "I can talk to them, sure," he says. "In the end, it's all politics." And politics is what he does. When burritos arrive, he perks up. "Ryan, you're the best." He sets his wine aside and tucks in.

Etienne listens with interest, both to what Ryan explains, and Sage's information, his attention on each of them in turn as they speak, seeming to find all of it fascinating, in a way. It's not something he's even a little bit familiar with. He offers a smile to Ryan and takes the plate with the burrito, balancing it on one knee. He cuts small pieces and begins to eat while they discuss, smiling a little crookedly as "talky talky" gets written down on the board, "This seems like it may have a far more peaceful solution than previously anticipated -- if the spirits can be worked with reasonably."

Ryan sees the words Sage makes talky talky, and he shakes his head. "Please change the last one. It says they are some times reasonable. I don't want Sage in danger." He grumbles a little. "At all...even close to it." He stares at Hudson, and his jaw tightens. He's made up his mind. He opens his book, and he starts to work a little more on his thoughts. He starts to write things down as he works his way through the burrito. "I am the best, thank you." He replies to Sage, and then he nods to Hudson. His eyes scan the table, and he pushes himself up to retrieve his orange juice.

"Not convinced," Hudson says simply, before pointing out, "You guys said it was psychic, so that dream could as easily have come from it as from anywhere else. Though it does potentially tie into what Ryan found..." a pause, then a shake of his head. "You said the souls were *screaming* though right? That doesn't exactly sound like a meditation and self-improvement center" Hudson frowns, looking genuinely confused. Hudson nods to Etienne's suggestion, and falls quiet for a short time, before concluding "More research needed" with a nod of his head. "I'm not sending either of you anywhere until we're sure it's safe" Hudson states with a quick look at Ryan, eyes holding level on him in a slightly chiding way for a moment before he looks back to Sage.

"Sage, you really came through at the school. If that storm shelter is on school grounds, someone in the system must know that they're there and be covering for them, right? Can we try and find out who? And can we see if there are any plans of that Storm Shelter?" he nods, seeming pleased with that.

Looking to Ryan next, he adds first of all "Fucking nice job" with an approving grin for the blooded, then continuing "I want to try and find out who 'Marve' is. If this thing is what it's saying it is, then Marve should have basically been mini Stalin or something, right? So let's see if he was a total asshat before he got zomboed up."

Looking next to Etienne, Hudson asks "If you're in, it would be useful to try and track their deliveries and see if we can work out which clinics they're supplying, maybe try and get our hands on some product and give it the once over, right? We can probably all work on that" he nods, before taking a deep breath and confessing "And I...am going to call my mom." with a very slight wince as he does.

Sage tells Ryan, "Listen, man. This thing he's written down? The talking? That's what I do. Negotiation and diplomacy are literally my job and educational background. I'm not eager to rush headlong into danger, and I'm willing to let Hudson sniff it out to make sure it's safe, but I can't //not// do my job. I'm part of the pack, and I can't fight worth a damn, but I can do this. I can't let my legacy in the Zombies be doing Hudson's laundry. Not when my area of expertise is diplomacy." He nods to Hudson. "Just give me the word when you need me to show up."

Etienne must not have been there for the part about souls screaming. That seems to draw a slight furrow to his brow, "That doesn't sound like the spirit of hope and renewal.. if they're screaming." Though when Hudson turns to him and talks about tracking their deliveries, he nods. "I've run medical supplies for clinics before. I can see if any of the ones that I've done deliveries for are receiving them from the school. If so, I can always divert one of the deliveries so we can take a look at what's in it. I can get them some from a replacement source, so we're not shorting a clinic in the process." He then glances between Ryan and Sage and says, "I could go with him if he decides to go and talk. I'm not strictly human anymore, but I'm not a wolf, either. I'm not an overt threat. But I can run bodyguard duty. If it comes to it."

Ryan tenses at the look from Hudson. He grabs his orange juice and nods to Sage. "Yeah, you are good at talking. I'm not. Nor fighting. Guess I... you know what. Never mind." He moves over to his seat and sits down. He keeps reading over the information he's got and starts to arrange things. He listens to the plans being made and sips his orange juice quietly.

"I believe in you, but let's get our research done first." Hudson nods, then suggesting "You should probably get yourself a pistol and we can go for a couple of sessions down at the shooting range before you go anywhere. You'll feel safer that way." and nods his head. He doesn't actually say that Sage will *be* safer, but oh well. Ryan gets another look from Hudson, though he doesn't seem to cotton on to anything being wrong, and so he just moves on. "That sounds awesome" Hudson nods to Etienne when he suggests making contact with a few of the local clinics. "If it's all legit stuff then that kind of supports it being not a complete shitbag, I guess."

Sage glances sidelong at Ryan. "Hey, man, your research is invaluable. You did a good job. Especially when things have been really rough, you came through. We all have something to bring to the table." He then nods to Etienne. "That would be cool. Diplomats have bodyguards, so that scans." He arches a brow at Hudson. Yeah, he catches that 'feel' safer, not 'be' safer. "I've been meaning to get in some time at the firing range," he says. "So sure, we can go. Bonding activity."

Etienne nods to Hudson and says, "I'll see what I can find out." He then nods to Sage and says, "Hudson knows how to find me if and when you decide to go." Then he returns to eating his burrito as he listens to them talk, steadily taking bite after bite. "This is quite good," he says to Ryan, "Thank you." He hadn't realized he was hungry at all until he started eating. Now, he finishes off the burrito and drinks his juice while the blooded discuss going to the firing range.

Ryan frowns as he looks at Sage. There is pain in his eyes, but he doesn't speak his thoughts. He shrugs his shoulders. "Whatever. At least I like you guys." He looks back at the book and shakes his head. "That's all it says anyways." He slides it away from him. He hasn't touched his food. He looks at Etienne and grins. "Thanks, you're alright too." He stands up. "Well, since my place can't be cook cause Rain would eat me, I guess I'll settle on something else." He grabs his juice and moves for the kitchen to get himself some more. He drinks back orange juice before he starts doing dishes quietly. "You all figure out how you want to handle it. I'll stay here."

Things were going so well, but suddenly things seem to be slipping away from him a little bit. Hudson nods to Sage when he mentions heading down to the range, and then grins at Etienne. "Thanks for your help" he nods, and then Ryan is heading off toward the kitchen looking unhappy. Hudson stares after him, and Etienne and Sage can probably almost see the seldom use cogs of Hudson's emotional intelligence lurching into gear as he tries to puzzle out what's going on. Eventually, there is a self-deprecating sigh and a slight roll of Hudson's eyes as he follows after the blooded, attempting to catch him in the kitchen.

Sage sighs. "Ryan," he says, "we need to have this meeting, and now we're stopping it so we can make you feel better. You're better than this. Come sit, listen to the plan, contribute what you have to contribute. You're part of the pack, so participate. After the meeting, you can feel your feelings, okay?" He may be empathetic, but he's not always patient. "We value you, and we've said as much. You don't need reassurance, you need to join us."

Etienne stays prudently out of the entire situation going down around him, instead, sipping his juice and feigning distracted interest in the murder board and its contents. This isn't his place to stick his nose in, and so he does not. He does tug his phone out of his pocket though and takes a quick picture of the murder board. That's his form of note-taking, apparently, as he then begins annotating it with a few taps on the phone's keypad.

Ryan blinks a few times. "I can't contribute." He turns while he scrubs, seeing Hudson. He lifts his finger and points at the wolf. "Not now, please." He shakes his head. "I know you guys value me, but I'm not needed as a fighter or a talker, so this is out of my wheelhouse." He waves to the murder board. "It spoke into my mind saying it wanted me. I was hoping that'd be leverage to help talk to him, but you talk not me." He points out. "Hudson fights. Marek fights. Rain takes care of and fights. I don't know where I fit, and that's fine. I guess I watch. I am not good at research cause in two or three days that's all I came up with so there isn't much brains here." He points to the dishes. "I don't need your reassurances, I need to do the dishes." He snaps at Sage. "It's something I need to do right now, okay?"

A growl rises from deep in Hudson's chest as he strides past Ryan to sweep all of the dishes onto the floor in a clatter of smashing china and glassware. "Dishes are fucking DONE" Hudson growls. "Now go and sit down. Because that thing knows who we are and where we live, so unless you want to be collecting your FUCKING Emmy while they fucking storm this place with silver bullets and KILL US ALL will you, please get over it and do what I need you to?" he doesn't raise his voice, really, but he is *clearly* not a happy boy, and dark eyes bore straight into Ryan as he jabs a finger back in the direction of the murder board.

Sage scowls at Hudson as dishes smash on the floor. "That had better not have been my wine glasses," he mutters. Then he shoots Etienne an apologetic glance. "Werewolf household," he says, "we manage feelings with sledgehammers. Do you want more orange juice?" He absolutely does not interfere with the Alpha asserting his will, and though he gives Hudson a wide berth, he doesn't seem particularly bothered. Just waiting for things to settle again.

Etienne doesn't even bat an eyelash as dishes go crashing to the floor. His head turns slowly as he glances from the murder board to the kitchen and watches the exchange between Ryan and Hudson. Then he simply shakes his head to Sage, "No, thank you, though it was very good with the burrito." He does gather his own dishes, however, and carries them into the kitchen, simply stepping around Hudson and Ryan and sets them neatly by the sink despite the fact that all the other dishes are on the floor, and then he makes his way back out to the living room and sits once more.

The young wolf blood hears the growl and tenses when the hand lifts. He flinches and closes his eyes, waiting to be struck but the dishes at the casualty. He doesn't relax, but he's not running either. There are fear and anger bubbling in his eyes as he bows his head and rushes to his seat. He just stares ahead at the board, gripping the orange juice. He doesn't move from there.

Hudson lingers in the kitchen a moment and takes a long, deep breath, and then another, and then a third. He closes his eyes and lifts a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger before he eventually turns and heads back out into the living room. "Sorry," he says, as he retakes his place by the murder board and then looks to Sage "I'll clean it up in a few minutes. My hands don't stay cut." he points out, before looking to Ryan. "Thank you," he states simply, before looking to Etienne and explaining. "Ryan says he isn't good at anything, but honestly, I wouldn't have trusted Sage's dream at all if Ryan's research hadn't backed it up. He is also, whatever he says, a fucking crazy telekinetic. Like Jean Grey Telekinetic. He is basically fucking dark phoenix. So don't listen to anything he says about being useless, he could destroy any of us." he states simply. A weary look is given back to the board. "Does everyone know what their tasks are? Any questions?"

Sage waves a hand to Hudson and says, "Don't worry about it. If you broke my stemware, I'm charging more to Marek's account." He takes another drink of his wine, and he seems perfectly poised. Then again, he usually does. "I'm holding off until you can sniff around and figure out if it's safe or not," he says to Hudson, "and if it is, perhaps Etienne and I can go together, so I have some backup in case things get hinky. Do I have that right, boss?"

Hudson nods at Sage "And in the meantime, if that storm shelter is on school grounds, someone in the system must know that they're there and be covering for them, right? Can we try and find out who? And can we see if there are any plans of that Storm Shelter?"

"I will see if any of the clinics that I work with are getting deliveries from the school and see if we can get some of the product to examine that way," Etienne says. "And if Sage is to go and speak with them, then I'll accompany him as backup." He gives the nod to the wolfblood.

Ryan keeps his eyes on the board. He just stares at it. He doesn't speak, but he listens to the plans. His brain isn't there anymore. He's just spacing out a little. He nods slowly to Etienne and Sage going together but beyond that doesn't react.

Sage nods to Etienne. He then tells Hudson, "I can get blueprints from the city. It might be useful to have some feet on the ground there, but to be honest, I'm aging out of that high school look. Ryan might be better for checking things out //in// the school. No one's going to pay that much attention to another new student. I'd recommend reconnaissance only, just to see what the cover story seems to be. We might be able to get some names, at least, maybe a sample of the goods."

Hudson nods to Etienne and then looks to Ryan, who doesn't seem to be taking anything in, but at least is present, which is potentially an improvement. "Sweet. That's a good idea." Hudson agrees with Sage and then looks to Ryan. "Their systems shouldn't be too hard to crack. I will get you enrolled as a transfer student from California, and you can do some sneaky recon for us." he nods, and then says "I'm going to speak to my mom, and see if I can work out who this 'Marve' guy was...or is. He's got to be online somewhere. Everything's online." he nods.

With the assignments set, Etienne pulls out his phone again and begins tapping out a few quick messages to the service that he runs deliveries to, seeing if his usual hospital and clinic runs are expecting any overnight courier needs in the next few nights, and offering to take them. There are a few back and forth messages while he listens to the others speak, occasionally glancing up from his phone between messages to indicate he's still paying attention to what they're talking about. "Who is Marve? Is it a name that someone mentioned?" he asks. "I wasn't there, so you'll have to forgive me. I don't have the context for some of this."

Ryan is staring at the murder board. He is hearing Sage and Hudson, but it's like an echo. He nods to show that he's still there, but he's not really hearing, so he doesn't know what he's nodding too. He looks down to his juice, and he sees something in it, so he just looks up and stares at Sage blankly before he speaks. "Marve is a homeless man whose skull got rocked by Hudson before he was carried off by the creature." He explains.

Sage tips his glass toward Hudson and says, "I'm on standby when you need me." Then he takes another drink. He just manages to pace himself, so she's got a little bit of a buzz, but he's not impaired. Day-drinking is a skill, and he has mastered it. He glances to Ryan. "You're going to infiltrate the school to do reconnaissance. Hudson's going to get you in."

"Marve is one of the zombies" Hudson explains to Etienne after Ryan mentions him braining his head against a wall. "He's alive!" he adds, then continues with "But if this thing is a 'soul purifier' then if I look him up I should expect to find out he was a terrible guy before, right? That would support this creature being legit." Hudson explains. Ryan does get a concerned look when he seems to be spacing out, and Hudson will edge a little closer the blooded and try and stroke his hair lightly unless Ryan tries to push him away. The Irraka nods in agreement with Sage. "That's right, and trying to get a blueprint of the place from City Hall."

Etienne nods his head as they supply him with the context of who Marve is and says, "I see. Thanks." But he doesn't seem to need more information than that at the moment, instead, continuing to exchange messages and waiting for a response. It won't be instantaneous, but he should be able to at least get on a shift where he has a chance of doing a pickup for one of those boxes.

Ryan nods to Sage. "Reconnaissance. I can do that." He offers the man, though when Hudson gets closer, Ryan slides from his chair and moves to another chair away from him. He's sitting again and looking at the board as he was told. Ryan finishes off his orange juice and stands again moving the glass into the kitchen, putting it down. Uncaring that he's walking over broken plates. He moves back to his seat and looks at all the connections on the board. "Etienne... I can probably get a mask, and they did mention sanitizer as well. I could probably get both for you. Might make it easier to look for."

Sage smiles at Ryan until he slides out of his chair, then he sighs a little and says to Hudson, "And get the blueprint. I can start on that tomorrow. I'll go into work a little early or do it on my lunch break." To Etienne, he says, "I'll get in touch with you when we're ready to try diplomacy if that's the way this thing turns."

Hudson doesn't push it when Ryan opts to just move to a different seat and instead just shifts his attention to Sage and Etienne, watching each of them and then nodding in approval. "Nice one" Hudson nods, though his heart doesn't seem to be in it as much as it was at the start of the meeting. There's a glance back to the board, and a nod. "Good, that's settled then..." and he heads back on over and makes a 'To Do' list:

- Get plans for Storm Shelter (SVC)
- Enrol Ryan in School (HJ)
- Recon at School (RS)
- Who is Marve? (HJ)
- Trace clinics/get samples (E...

He glances to Etienne "What's your last name?"

Etienne nods his head to Ryan and says, "If you would rather try and pick up a sample and can get ahold of one first, then I won't worry about picking up more unless we find out there's something wrong with them and we need to divert them from the clinics." He seems content to cede that to Ryan since it makes sense that he could do so. "Desmarais," Etienne says when Hudson asks his last name.


"Heh. Ed" Hudson nods, then stepping away from the board.

Ryan looks at the board. "Cool. Break." He claps his hands together and stands up. "Nice to meet you, Etienne. You can have the rest of my burrito." He points to the uneaten food. "If you need anything I am sure Hudson would be happy to help." A nod before looking at Sage and offering a small smile. "I'll grab you a school map too." He nods his head as he moves for the cleaning closet. He grabs a broom and dustpan.

Sage nods to Ryan and says, "That'd be great, thank you." He then smiles at Etienne. "Etienne Demarais, such a beautiful name. I'm sure you hear that all the time." The Hudson, he gives a thumb's up. "I'll get those prints tomorrow. Maybe we can hit the firing range this weekend?"

"Thanks for your help Etienne" Hudson nods, then adding "and I'll be happy to help with anything you need, obviously." with a nod of his head. To Sage, he nods "Yeah, sounds good. You could do with some practice. Let me know before you order anything, so I can make sure you can handle the recoil and stuff." he nods. There's a brief pause before he adds "Sage if I ever feel like I want to save someone's life again will you please promise to fucking stop me and immediately spit in my eye, so I remember what it gets me?" he remarks, before adding "I need to go lie down somewhere dark. See you both later." and then turning to head straight for his room.

"Nice to meet you as well," Etienne says to Ryan, though he seems to have no interest in any further food at the moment, but he dips his head in appreciation for the offer, none the less. There's a little quirk of a smirk in Hudson's direction when he says "Ed", though his attention then shifts to Sage. Rising to his feet, he says, "Thank you. No, actually, but I'm glad you like it. I'm somewhat fond of it." Though when Hudson immediately turns and heads off, he says to the others, "I suppose that's my queue to head out. It was a pleasure to meet you both." He then makes his way to the door, apparently knowing the way out.

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