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Lodges are created and set via the Mystery Cult Initiation merit. All the rules of Mystery Cult Initiation apply for Lodges.

Lodge of the Briarwolves

This story is true.

Once there was a werewolf. She was no queen nor princess nor leader of a tribe; but she was a mother of five. She lived, with her wolf-blooded children, happy in the hunt and the revelry. So happy, in fact -- so supreme and apex in her glorious territory -- that she failed to see the window of tales weaved against her. One by one, her children were taken, oldest to youngest, ripped from their mother's arm and dragged, their tiny claws tearing at the thorns; howls lost and echoing in the night.

But she was a huntress. So she hunted. She looked high and low; in this world, and in its shade. She could not find her children. It was not until the came upon a small clearing were a small man whose cap bled over his head with the rich crimson of human blood that she asked if he had seen her lost cubs. The redcapped tiny man sneered and laughed at her.

He lost three limbs before his wails stopped her frenzy -- and he told her: "They have taken your children." He would say no more.

So she opened her mouth near his remaining arm and he said, "The Hedge! The Hedge! Their trail is in the Hedge!" He would say no more.

So she opened her mouth near his remaining arm and he said, "The Door! The Door! There is a door to the Hedge!" He would say no more.

So she opened her mouth near his remaining arm and he said, "I will open it! I will let you in the Hedge!" And he said no more.

She scoured the Hedge for years. Her presence, alien at first, became well-known to those within the local area. Soon, her tale spread, and though she was ruthless with those that stood before her -- those that complied were met with loyalty. She weaved herself in and out of the Thorns with such ease that eventually other werewolves took notice. Some had also lost children. Some simply had a curiosity. Some were simply enamored by her resolve. All of them died -- to battle, age -- though she is said to still scour the Hedge, looking for her cubs; who knows what she has become after centuries of dining on Goblin Fruit and the flesh of Hobs -- though so, in very, very hushed whispered, pity the Gentry that must, some day, find out.

The Lodge of the Briarwolves is a werewolf lodge whose very essence is tied with the Hedge and a werewolves relationship to the Fae elements of an area, especially Changelings. Briarwolves are taught about fae lore, Hedge survival, and co-existence with both fairy creatures and fairy nature. Every Briarwolf has had an encounter with the Hedge prior to their induction, even if it was on purpose in order to get tapped by the Lodge. While not a secret society per se, the Briarwolves don't advertise; they prefer to keep their abilities as low-key as their Changeling allies prefer to keep their presence.

There are few Briarwolves in existence, not nearly enough for there to be one in every city where there are large gatherings of Changelings; and some Briarwolves prefer to live far from them, so as not to call attention to Gentry near a Freehold when they go hunting in the Hedge. While Briarwolves aren't immediately antagonistic to anyone in particular, their relationship with Hobs and other Fae creatures works a lot like it does for Changelings: take nothing for granted.

Joining the Briarwolves, aside from the aforementioned trip into the Hedge, is a matter of performing tasks for whomever the recruiting member is, usually in the Hedge or with the local Changeling or Hob community. Per tradition, it is three tasks, though different places or recruiters may alter it depending on traditions and local symbols of import. Members can be werewolves of any Tribe (though the Pure have never chosen to join this Lodge, nor, at this point, would be at all welcome) or wolf-blooded.


• Socialize Specialty: Fae or (if they have the Specialty already) Interdisciplinary Specialty: Fae

•• Hedge Sense

••• Allies 2 (Local Freehold)

•••• 3-dot Fae Mount. The Werewolf may spend Essence to keep the Fae Mount around if they have the quality that allows them to leave the Hedge. Wolf-bloods may do the same with Willpower.

••••• Siskur-Dah applies to Hobgoblins and Hedge Beasts, and will net the werewolf Essence, or See Through Masks if the member is a wolf-blood.

Lodge of Demons

Also known as the Ascendants (within the Lodge), the Horned Wolves (among spirits), or the Freaks (derogatory), members of the Lodge of Demons are often regarded as borderline extremists for their unusual and questionable ways, and due to this, many are secretive with their affiliation to the Lodge. Hunting and dealing with the spirits is one thing, but consuming them to gain their unnatural and alien powers? Twisting your flesh to imitate their alien beings? It's no surprise if they're often mistaken as one of the Empty Wolves or worse. They're only tolerated and seen as misguided allies at best, and heretics at worst, just because their Forsaken compatriots begrudgingly view them as useful still, no matter how outlandish their methods appear to be, and many do not wish to incite another civil war in dire times like this.

These werewolves travel the Hisil in hopes of finding something more, the knowledge necessary for them to improve beyond even their nature as half- spirit children of Urfarah. They believe that, in order to effectively perform Father Wolf's duties, they must become better versions of themselves, and which place offers such a potential if not the Shadow Realm itself? That's where these half-breed creatures of flesh and spirit acquire many of their famous gifts and rites from after all. The Hisil is undoubtedly a treasure trove of countless powers and lore, waiting to be pried by the zealous and the determined, the spirits an excellent source of power and Essence, wielding secrets of their spirit magic that when uncovered, can be used against them.

The Lodge of Demons derives its members from all five of the Moon Tribes, no Pure allowed, though it tends to attract Bone Shadows the most due to the Lodge's affinity with spirit-related stuff and the Shadow in general. Those Cahaliths eager to unearth even more stories and spirit lores to add to their growing collection find a calling within the Lodge, Rahus seeking to improve their physical prowess without much limitations are also caught under the Lodge's promises, while the Ithaeurs who look to bind and capture spirits explore the Lodge's library of knowledge for answers. The Elodoths and Irrakas are among the scarcest within the Lodge's members, but there's always a reason for those in search of power to join the Demons' ranks.


• At the first rank, Lodge members gain the Persuasion Specialty: Spirits, or the Interdisciplinary Specialty of it if they already have it.

•• At the second rank, Lodge members gain the Patient Merit, as they are heavily taught to be patient when performing their rites if they want to succeed.

••• At the third rank, Lodge members gain Biomimicry 2, a knowledge that they pried from spirits of flesh and mutation in their efforts to transcend.

•••• At the fourth rank, Lodge members learn the Essence Leech power/facet. The werewolf spends one Essence to reflexively activate the power, granting them the ability to steal a point of Essence from spirits (and half-spirits, such as werewolves) everytime the werewolf successfully damages its prey. The effect lasts for Stamina+Primal Urge turns, and may ony be activated once per scene.

••••• At the fifth rank, Lodge members learn the Ancestors' Endowment Rite.

Ancestors' Endowment (Wolf Rite)

A rite that the Lodge's Crescent Moon priests have developed, it draws upon the blessings of their ancestors that died from fighting mighty and ancient spirits. Or so they proclaim.

Symbols: Flesh, power, blood, ancestor worship

Sample Rite: The ritemaster surrounds himself with items symbolic of power, whether those are badges or cards that signify the werewolf's rank in their day-to-day occupation, powerful fetishes and talens, or grisly trophies taken from mighty preys, accompanied by a second circle of burning incense. The ritemaster then paints bloody sigils on their cheeks and forehead, all the while uttering mumbled prayers to their ancestors. The served meat and blood, all of them raw, are consumed to finish the rite. (Intelligence+Occult)

Action: Extended (10 successes; each roll represents 1 minute)

Success: The werewolf is blessed with freakish powers and mutations only typically seen and used by the Shadow's denizens. The werewolf may choose to take -one- Numen or Dread Power from a Spirit or a Spirit-Claimed that they've consumed the Essence of in the past 24 hours, and may use said powers using their dice pool of Wits+Occult if they require one. This effect lasts for the next 24 hours.

Your Lodge Here!

Create the Lodge just like you would a Mystery Cult, with any rules and requirements as described. Lodges do not require a Relic.