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Custom Content


At NOLA, we welcome pitches for custom content - mostly Devotions, Rites, Rituals, Miracles, Merits, or houserules to existing content. Not all of it (and likely not most of it) will be adopted on the game, but players are creative and often an idea can be adapted even if it can’t be adopted wholesale.

To pitch custom content, please make a request with the title CC - <Name of Content>. You should include the full text of the original rule or piece of content if you’re modifying existing rules, and a full write-up of changes or new rules. It helps if you explain the reasoning behind why you want to see this content, how you think it will positively impact the game, and any concerns you might have about it that we should be aware of. Be aware, in turn, that we heavily scrutinize content pitched that is of benefit to the one pitching it or their friends.

Custom Content Creation Guidelines

There are guidelines for submitting the following types of Custom Content:

Changeling Custom Content Notes

  • Custom content is welcome on NOLA, including and especially custom Kiths. Kiths are extremely easy to build, and staff suggests that when pitching, one include a narrow use of a skill to enjoy exceptional-on-3-instead-of-5, and a single power about the strength of a Common Contract, as laid out starting on page 304 of Changeling: The Lost, 2nd Edition.
  • Custom Courts will not be considered at this time, nor will 2e conversions of 1e Courts. This may be reconsidered later, but not at player request.

Custom Content and House Rules Pages

Please see the following pages for various pieces of approved Custom Content.

House Rules

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Changeling House Rules

Vampire House Rules

Werewolf House Rules

Custom Content Pages

Mortal Custom Content

Changeling Custom Content

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Werewolf Custom Content

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