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Character Creation

Character creation can be daunting, but on NOLA, our philosophy regarding CG is simple: we want the least barrier to entry to getting on-grid and playing a character you’re excited about that we can reasonably manage, so you can transfer excitement about playing into actual play, rather than putting it off because you don’t want to jump through hoops. Most of CG is completed with one command, stat/set, that can be used from any OOC room. Feel free to chat with people in the OOC lounge while setting things up, or use the convenience of the CG room’s instructions and relative quiet.


For sphere-specific restrictions, please see the main page of each sphere.

  • Status or Mystery Cult Initiation above 3 at character creation.
  • Supernatural Tolerance stats above 3 at character creation.
  • Concepts involving books not on the list used for NOLA. (We just don’t want you referencing stuff that might not exist or is different in our version of the Chronicles of Darkness.)
  • NPC Domitors for ghouls.
  • 3-step blood bonds to NPCs.

Choose a Template

stat/Template <template> A Template is the race or type of character you are planning to play. +stat template can provide a list.

Bio Section

@gender me=<text>

This can be anything, including @gender me=Gender is a construct, fuck off.
Note that if your text starts with M, it will give you male pronounces, if it starts with F, it will give you female pronouns.

stat/set concept=<text>

This should be a few short words that encapsulate what makes your character an interesting, fun thing to play.

stat/set full name=<full name>

stat/set birthdate=<date>

(Humans and Minor Templates) stat/set <vice/virtue>=option

(Vampire) stat/set <mask/dirge>=<option>

(Werewolf) stat/set <blood/bone>=<option>

stat/set <clan/auspice>=<option>

stat/set <covenant/tribe=<option>

stat/set <coterie/pack/motley>=<string>

If you have a group coming out of CG, this line accepts any input.

Character Sheet

stat/set <attribute>=<value, 1 to 5>

stat/set <attribute>.favored=1

stat/set <skill>=<value, 1 to 5>

stat/set <skill.specialty>=1

stat/set <merit>=<value, 1 to 5>

stat/set <merit (type)>=<value, 1 to 5> (examples: stat/set Status (Praxis)=1 or stat/set Tell (Devil Inside)=3)

stat/set <supernatural tolerance trait>=<value, 1 to 3> (2 or 3 require spending 5 or 10 fewer merit points.)

stat/set <discipline>=<value, 1 to 3 before XP>

stat/set Mystery Coil=<coil>

stat/set <gift>=<facet> (For example, stat/set Gift of Stealth=Cunning

Gifts must be unlocked first! Do this via stat/set Gift of <Whatever>=Unlock.
Moon Gifts must be purchased in order! For instance stat/set Moon Gift=1.2

stat/set <contract>=1

stat/set <contract>.<your seeming>=1 when you have a free Seeming Benefit on a contract.


asp/pitch <short-term/long-term>=<Short line about an IC or OOC goal.>

Please see here for guidelines on aspirations and suggestions for beginning aspirations! Additional recommendations may be found on our Guide to Earning Beats!
You need 3 of any length. They can be all short, all long, or some combination. You cannot have more than 3 approved at any one time.

Breaking Points (Humans and Minor Templates only)

Breaking Points have been a point of pain for people both experienced and new to the system, as well as for staff handling mortal apps, frequently making us comment that mortals are the hardest template to app because of them. We are going to experiment with a new system where we do not have Breaking Point questions or notes for a while and let folks in a more freeform way decide what is or isn't a Breaking Point for their character. These things are frequently (but not always) Breaking Points for MOST mortals:

  • Being attacked by a supernatural creature. (The Assault probably counts for this, The Kiss probably doesn't, but might in some cases.)
  • Witnessing death, gruesome injuries, or corpses. (Tolerance for Biology helps with this.)
  • Being injured permanently (including loss of limb or mobility).
  • Suffering lethal or aggravated damage in the last 3 health boxes.
  • Extreme negative life changes (loss of a family member, being fired from an important job, going bankrupt, going to prison).
  • Being responsible for acts against your moral code (for example, accidentally killing someone in a car accident).
  • Having the supernatural revealed for the first time.
  • Witnessing more extreme supernatural phenomenon (a minor haunting is one thing, a tentacled death-horror crawling out of an Avernian Gate is another).

If you have a Breaking Point note already, you can keep it for reference, but future mortal characters are not required to specifically list out five Breaking Points, and are instead trusted to submit Breaking Point jobs (via +beat, with staff helping to decide the penalty or bonuses and witnessing the rolls) whenever they encounter them and believe them appropriate. An ST can also state that a situation is a Breaking Point for a mortal, at which point that mortal should submit a +beat job in the same way.


These should be detailed in +notes, to be read by staff during the approval process.

Frenzy Triggers

Werewolves must choose three personal frenzy triggers, one Passive, one Common, and one Specific, from the list on page 103 of Werewolf: The Forsaken Second Edition. These need not and often are not from the same list. For example, one wolf could have the passive trigger “Your auspice moon is in the sky”, the common trigger “Seeing someone attack another pack member”, and the specific trigger “Swallowing human blood”. These should be detailed in a +note.

Backgrounds and Starting Experience

Character creation on NOLA: The Game That Care Forgot is meant to be as simple as possible. Narrative backgrounds are not accepted here; we prefer that you have a solid grip on the core of your character enough that you can write briefly and communicate it, rather than write a myriad of details with no real idea of who the character is. If you want to write a longer background, feel free; but please don't submit it. As staff, we want to grasp your character quickly and get you approved - please place required information in the first +bg section, bullet-pointed (and preferably labeled).

To be clear: please answer the questions, making it clear which question each answer applies to (preferably by repeating the question). Staff is trying to process your app quickly, we don't want to have to sift through stories about your character to get to the required information.

If one chooses to complete character creation without a background, the character is awarded 7 experiences to spend for character creation. These may be spent or saved.

Completing basic background information will provide an additional 3 experiences, at any time (including post-CG). To submit a post-CG background, please place the answers to these questions in a note and submit a +request entitled Background Approval - <Your Name>.

Basic information we’d like from all characters

  • What do you want to accomplish with this character?
  • How do you see this character’s story arc concluding?
  • Who are your character’s living connections? Family, friends, lovers, enemies. Are they PCs or NPCs?
  • What is your character afraid of?
  • What does your character hate?
  • What does your character love?
  • What disgusts your character?
  • Is your character local? If not, how long have they been in New Orleans?
  • Is your character a Signatory of the Accords?
  • Don't forget the additional information requested below for each template.

Additional information for mortals (and ghouls, wolf-blooded, psychic vampires, fae-touched, etc)

  • Does your character know of the Supernatural?
  • Has your character ever been hunted or fed upon by a supernatural being (knowingly or not)?
  • Is your character a member of a Mystery Cult?
  • If not a Signatory, does your character know of the Accords?

Additional information for vampires

  • Has your character spent any time in Torpor?
  • Have you ever committed Diablerie? If so, how long ago?
  • Is your character addicted to vitae?
  • Does your character have any Vinculi?

Additional information for werewolves

  • Why did your character join their tribe?
  • Has your character ever broken any aspect of the Oath of the Moon?
  • Did your character know about werewolves before the First Change?
  • Has your character ever entered Death Rage? If so, did they kill someone they didn’t mean to?

Additional information for changelings

  • When did your character enter Arcadia?
  • What was the nature of your character's durance?
  • How did your character escape Arcadia?
  • When did your character escape back to the real world?
  • Did your character escape with anyone?


We do require descs. They don’t have to be long; a single line, including a link to a played-by picture or to your wiki page with a picture or description on it, suffices. Just don’t be that guy, girl, or gender-nonconforming deep sea creature who returns “You see nothing special.”

Changelings: Please set both Mask and Mien in your @desc, as Changelings, Vampires, and Werewolves can all see your Mien. Mortals, be aware that you'll only see the Changeling's Mask.


For gear, we use a custom equipment system, +eq. We don't have everything from the book listed there, but if it's in a book we use, or pitched as CC (with appropriate stats) we'll add it.

To get your starting gear, open a +request listing the equipment you want or add it to the CG job. If an item is not already in the +eq system, please list the book it's from and a page reference so we can quickly get it added. Please choose no more than a few items (which are appropriate to your character) at your Resources+1, and as many as you'd like (please don't go overboard) at your Resources level or below for character creation spends. Just list your items into your approval job, and staff will create your +eq for you.

Post-CG equipment will work as per the book and using the same system - +request and we'll get it set.


Before you are done, use cg/check to let the code look over your math! Verify you've spent points where you should and how you should and that all your fields are filled out.

When you’re finished, hit cg/submit. This will generate your approval job, into which you can place your XP spends, in something like the following format:

1xp to raise Resources from 2 to 3.


1xp: Resources 2>3


Literally whatever, so long as you include the XP cost, what you’re increasing, the level it’s at now, and the level it will be at when you’re done.

Starting Over?

Do you want to start completely over? stat/wipe is your friend.