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Character Creation: CharGen guidelines.
General House Rules: The games general house rules.
Custom Content: Custom content.

CG Incentives
  • 1xp for joining a Coterie, Pack, or Motley.
  • 3xp for joining or creating a Mystery Cult (can be used to buy Mystery Cult Initiation up to 3 immediately with an appropriate PrP).
CG Restrictions
  • None at the moment







Psychic Vampire

Character Generation

Mortal characters follow the same instructions as most characters in Character Creation. Mortals must give extra thought as to whether or not they will sign the Shadow Accords, and what their place is in the supernatural community. Being a mortal who knows about vampires is not a death sentence in New Orleans, but by no means is it safe.


Mortal characters can belong to many templates or have none but are defined by their lack of a Supernatural Resistance Trait like Blood Potency, Primal Urge or Wyrd. In New Orleans, mortals can be active members of the supernatural community by signing the Shadow Accords, a document that governs how the community interacts with each other within the city.

Please see our Setting page for mortals for more information!

Post-CG Incentives
  • 1 Experience is awarded when a PC first joins a Coterie, Pack, Brood, or Motley of three Player Characters or more.

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