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Zane1.jpg “"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx–Hunter S. Thompson

Name Zane Cavanaugh Sphere Vampire
Apparent Age Twenty Something Actual Age Thirty Six
Place of Birth New Orleans Occupation Thug
Clan Gangrel Bloodline Dead Wolf
Covenant The Carthian Movement Mask/Dirge Deviant/Monster


  • Violent Trash - Zane is a street thug, a dealer, a prostitute, an addict--even before he was a vampire he was addicted to cocaine and alcohol, and that hasn't changed much since his embrace, he just has to involve someone else to get his high. He's prone to violence, gets into fights, mugs people, and he did that even as a mortal. Becoming a vampire hasn't helped mellow him out any.

  • Not too bright - He's honestly just...not that smart. Although ashamed of himself for it, he's illiterate. He's easy to manipulate if you approach him the right way, but it's inadvisable to poke the bear. Or to use big words around him he can't understand.

  • Dead Wolf - A vampire now, but before that he was a wolfblood. He knows ALL about werewolves, and honestly expected to become one himself. But things worked out a little differently.

  • Playlist - Zane inspired playlist on Spotify