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Wojciech Koziol

The Freak
Date of Birth: November 13, 1770
Apparent Age:   Early 20s
Mask: Deviant
Dirge: Questioner

Race:   Vampire
Clan:   Daeva
Bloodline: The Carnival
Covenant: Ordo Dracul/Carthian

The Show

Times change.

He was born when Poland still had a king. He was conscripted into Kościuszko's rebellion. He wanted nothing to do with it, at first. The more he fought, the more passionate he grew. Too passionate, because they hung him in 1792. And again in 1794, since the first time didn't take. Well, we all have our little talents, don't we?

The second time, his Sire found him in a pile of corpses and realized he had a talent. He became part of the circus life. And he was eventually embraced. He was the hanged man, with scars to prove it. His newfound powers, however, led him to devise greater acts. And great acts drew greater freaks. Soon, it was a family.

He wandered, as circuses do. Moulin Rouge is where he metAdelaide, and she reminded him both of his youth and his dreams. So he embraced her. And suddenly he had a partner in crime. Oh, the crimes. They eventually left for the United States and the whirlwind continued. The world was changing and it was invigorating!

After the excitement of the 60s and 70s, the 80s disappointed him. The politics grew more behind the scenes and he grew bored. He took a nap. He just recently woke up and joined Adelaide in New Orleans. He has a lingering dream, though, one that's nagging at him. He needs answers Of course, his method of acquiring them might be a little unorthodox.

Vampire - A Daeva who has been around since the late 1700s. He spent sometime in circus troupes in both Europe and the United States. He hates the 1980s and he's quite possibly the worst elder ever.
Dragon - He "studies" the Coil of the Wyrm, but "studying" is really open for interpretation. He has a curious mind but a horrible lack of ambition. Over two centuries and he's gained minimal status. He's doing his best.
Free Thinker - He was a rebel in life and in death he believes in discovering the real truth behind the lies so many accept so willingly. Don't be surprised to see him showing up at Carthian meetings as well.
The Carnival - He's a freak and there's no hiding it. The knotted scar around his neck, the centuries of tattoos, the general insanity. He is what he is and he's not ashamed.
Theatre des Monstres - He and his Childer, Adelaide, run a burlesque club called Theatre des Monstres. In addition to the main burlesque club, there is also a more private BDSM area. Level three is soon to come.
Polygot - He speaks Polish, German, Russian, and French fluently. He loves to talk. Loves it.
Junkie - He's nearly always high. He tries to feed solely on people who are drunk or high, preferably both, and it shows. He's a really bad (or maybe really good) example of how to unlife.
Bat Shit Crazy - Do not leave him unattended.

The Crew
Adelaide - A century together and there's still nobody I'd rather throw knives at.
Alabama - The white rabbit. Slow down!
Itsy - I like it when she's mad. Just fall.
Pan - Hero? Villain? It all depends on their costume.
Salazar - What happens in wherever the fuck we are stays wherever the fuck we are. Where are we, anyway?
Willard - Another stalker Primogen stealing lollypops. Left her with green apple, you beast!
Winter - Oh my.


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