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Dr. Willard J. Helms
Date of Birth
May 21, 1960
Professor of Sociology and Ethics at UNO
Apparent Age
Ordo Dracul / Carthian Movement / Invictus


University of New Orleans

Carthian Movement


Ordo Dracul




At first glance, Willard Helms could be taken for an Invictus with his power suits, power ties, and a calm, urbanely cultured voice. That first glance would be wrong. This young member of the Carthian Movement started his unlife as a radical professor of Sociology at U.C. Berkeley, being embraced in the early 90's. He talks about ethics and institutional policies with the heart of a firebrand (even if his rhetoric is unlikely to go so far). He has a deep interest in political and social systems, with a focus on socialistic policies. He also teaches ethics, specifically related to emergent technologies -- a primary focus of his being in the realm of biology.
RP Hooks
Willard speaks two languages. English and High Academic. While others might describe it as a cant, they would be wrong.
Want to get your ear talked off? Willard can do it! (You probably don't).
Do You Love Cocktails?
Yep, that's why we have this whole blush of life. (Seriously, old-fashioneds and sazeracs are life.) Wanna meet up for a drink?
Food! It's Delicious!
What I wouldn't do to be able to enjoy a nice, delicious steak. (See: Do You Love Cocktails?)
Experience Junkie
For all that he's stolid and staid, Willard has a powerful need to experience new and interesting things. (Look, just because you're dead, doesn't mean you can't enjoy things. Also, this whole sort of 'understand the world' thing probably needs a bit more first hand experience.)
Primogen of the... Ordo Dracul?
For a Carthian, Willard is one heck of an Ordo. Transvampirism AND weird social stuff? Tell me more! (Terms and conditions may apply. Talk to your local neighborhood power broker to see if Ordo Dracul is right for you.)
Twilight Judge... of the Ordo Dracul
Recently blessed with the title of Twilight Judge, Willard is prepared, nay, eager to help progress these goals.
The World
An enigma. A potentially useful one. But an enigma.
Nice girl. Definitely needs a looking after though.
The Praxis
Well, that was fun! Let's do it again sometime. Slurpies for all!
In madness, some find destruction. Others find themselves.
The Movement
And the hat is off. Well done. Well done indeed.
Well... this is going to be fun. Intriguingly, I actually believe it.
The Inner Circle
There are few things as divine as finding a partner for the Endeavor.