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Werewolf Custom Content

Werewolf House Rules

  • Werewolves do not acquire free wolfblooded or human NPC packmates. A werewolf may take the Retainer merit to represent up to two wolfblooded Retainers. These Retainers have one Tell at Retainer 1 or 2, two Tells at 3 and 4, and three Tells at 5. Each wolfblood Retainer provides one point of the Totem merit to the werewolf’s pack. A werewolf can take the Staff merit to represent human members of the pack. These humans have no special abilities but can take part in Pack Rites.
  • Having sex with a human (or vampire, or beast) is not a Breaking Point toward the flesh. Having a child with a human is a Breaking Point toward the flesh.
  • Staying out of the Hisil or remaining in the Hisil does not constitute a Breaking Point until a week has passed.
  • After using the Residential Area merit, a log must be posted detailing the favors done to justify the benefit of the usage. Staff may choose to suggest an appropriate favor.
  • When using the Catastrophe Facet of Gift of the Elementals , widespread property damage is prevented by the concerted effort of the Council of Wardens to counteract damage to the city and surrounding wilderlands. Outside of the New Orleans area, this Facet functions normally. Damage to individuals is unaffected; widespread death can be accomplished, and property damage will occur, but buildings remain intact. Floods do not destroy structures, earthquakes do not topple them, fires cause cosmetic damage without affecting the validity of the structure, hurricanes and tornadoes cause cosmetic damage and uproot minor trees while miraculously leaving most landmarks and structures standing. Attempting to cause widespread damage with Catastrophe can anger the Council of Wardens and is a violation of the Shadow Accords that may carry in-character consequences. Using Catastrophe on a small scale to destroy specific structures, while it may in specific circumstances violate the Shadow Accords, does not usually rouse a response from the local Warden.
  • A werewolf may possess and use no more than one fetish plus one additional fetish per 3 dots of Primal Urge (so 1 fetish at Primal Urge 1, another at 3, another at 6, and a final at 9). As many talens may be possessed as wished, but only one talen can be utilized by each werewolf per scene.
  • Falling into Kuruth (a hard rage, not soft rage) awards a Beat.
  • Personal totems aren't allowed on NOLA. While the Totem merit does say 'personal or pack', on NOLA Totems are only bound to packs, and require at least 3 people (although not all of them need to be werewolves or wolfblooded).

Wolfblooded Houserules

  • Wolfblooded can automatically sense werewolves. Werewolves can automatically sense wolfblooded. Wolfblooded cannot automatically sense a vampire’s or a changeling's nature. Wolfblooded may purchase the Unseen Sense Merit (CoD pg. 60) for each type of supernatural if they wish.
  • A wolfblooded can have only one Tribal Affinity or Moon Birth merit.
  • Pack Bond: This merit is eliminated. All Wolfblooded may buy Totem up to level 5.
  • Tell: This Merit may be purchased more than once.
  • Wolfblooded begin with 1 free dot in Totem.

Wolfblooded Tells

Many Tells don't provide benefit equivalent to a three-dot merit - or equivalent to each other. Many have drawbacks out of line with their benefits. While flavorful, these extreme drawbacks can hamper those who choose the Tell they want to play regardless of its benefit. To that end, we have attempted to increase the usefulness of many Tells, and clarify others.

  • Raised By Wolves: This merit removes the necessity for checking for a Breaking Point merely from biological or supernatural strangeness; it does not remove the Breaking Points for supernatural attacks.
  • Anger Issues: The wolfblooded can choose to take Dalu form without suffering a Kuruth trigger. This immediately sends the wolfblooded into Wasu-Im.
  • Bite: The wolfblooded’s bite deals lethal damage to vampires.
  • Exciting: When faced with the opportunity to indulge in physically exhausting activity with the Wolfblood again, a Resolve+Composure roll is made, penalized by the Wolfblood's Presence. A failed roll to resist indulging in the Exciting wolfblooded’s sweat does not require the one who failed to indulge in the same way - only to indulge in skin to skin contact. Very specifically, this Tell cannot force someone to have sex. Sex is an option, but not a necessity. In case it need be said, no player on NOLA is ever required to roleplay a sexual situation even if one occurs in-character; Fade to Black is always an option.
  • Familiar: Use animal statistics from [this link] on the Onyx Path blog. Any animal up to Size 2 may be used. The spirit familiar has 5 attribute dots and 1 numina. The player must have a +note with its statistics on their character bit. If the character wishes the Familiar to obey them, a Presence+Animal Ken (for animal familiars) or Manipulation+Persuasion (for spirit familiars) roll must be made.
  • Fuck Ugly: The minimum bonus for this tell is +2. In addition, this tell provides one dot in the Striking Looks (Fuck Ugly) merit for free. Its benefit stacks, if appropriate.
  • Second Skin: The wolfblooded must be naked (or at least shirtless) to utilize the Second Skin. Clothing do not transform with the character.
  • Shadow Twin: The twin has identical statistics to the wolfblooded. Her Virtue and Vice, however, may be very different.
  • Skinner: Skinning a person deals 7 aggravated damage, and causes intense pain, inflicting a -3 wound penalty even if the last box of health is not filled. The character skinned suffers a point of lethal damage per minute as though her last box were filled with lethal even if she has more than 7 health. A supernatural being can be skinned, but only if they do not heal for the duration of the skinning. Skinning causes bashing damage to vampires (with no chance for further damage) and lethal damage to werewolves. Both suffer the -3 wound penalty until all damage is healed. Skinning a living (or undead, in the case of vampires) sentient being is always a Breaking Point for a wolfblooded. If the target had Striking Looks, the wolfblooded gains that merit for the duration of the Tell.
  • Spirit Double: The Spirit Double has the same statistics as the wolfblooded.
  • Tongues: The wolfblooded can, with a spent point of willpower, speak (but not understand) any human language as well.