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Werewolf Custom Content

Blood Archetypes

The Arrow
An arrow, shot straight, finds its target. So too is it with this werewolf. Relentless in pursuit of a target, it consumes their thoughts above all else.
Regain a point of willpower when ignoring other responsibilities (especially human) in pursuit of a target. Recover all willpower when going on a hunt that has superseded human responsibilities.
The Beta
The Beta wolf desires order. When the pack works, like a well-oiled machine, nothing can stand in its way. And to do that, every single member of the pack must be operating at their best. The Beta feels their position in the pack is to make this happen. For them, the Pack comes first, before anything. Even themselves.
Regain a point of willpower when making sure a packmate can perform at the top of their game while disregarding their personal interests. Regain all spent willpower when putting yourself in mortal danger or fall to Kuruth for the sake of your pack.
The Relentless
For you, when the Hunt begins, that's all that there is. You will not rest until the prey is brought low until your claws find their mark and the taste of your prey fills your jaws. Regain a point of Willpower when your character disregards his health or safety in favor of continuing the hunt.
Regain all spent Willpower when he enters Kuruth in a last-ditch attempt to finish the hunt.
The Moon-Kissed
Like your mother, blessed Luna, you are a mercurial creature. You are ruled by your emotions and can change behavior at a moment's notice. Even those closest to you struggle to influence your decisions once you set your mind to something.
Regain a point of willpower whenever you approach a situation that could have been handled diplomatically in a confrontational way or when you ignore the advice of others to deal with a problem head-on. Regain all spent willpower when you put yourself in significant danger to do things your own way rather than taking the safer route, or when directly going against an order from your Alpha.
The Warden
You protect. Territory, packmates, loci. Whatever a Warden swore to protect, you'll sooner walk over their cold, dead body before you harm it.
Your character regains a point of Willpower whenever he puts the object of his protection above his well-being or comfort. He regains all spent Willpower whenever he preemptively hunts would be aggressors, or uses Kuruth to ward off the danger to those he protects.

Bone Archetypes

The Confidant
You're a good listener, and you don't gossip. Your friends and family are the most important thing in your life, and you want them to be well.
Regain a point of willpower when talking with a packmate or other loved one about a difficulty that they're having. Regain all willpower when helping a loved one overcome a difficulty.


Directed Rage (***, **** OR *****)

Effect: No matter how much Uratha care for their packmates, the risk of Kuruth is always present. Werewolves in Basu-Im will tear their packmates limb from limb without hesitation, and regret their actions afterwards. Packs with this merit have somehow found a way to help their Ragefilled members direct their anger at foes rather than friends. How this works depends on the pack - intense meditation and hypnotherapy may work for one, negatively-reinforced scent-aversion techniques may work for another.

At three dots, packmates suffering Wasu-Im act as if they were one step closer to Harmony 5 for the purpose of determining the time period they may maintain may control. They may also spend Willpower to extend this period, but the effect diminishes with use - the first Willpower point spent gives a period of control based on the character's true Harmony, and each additional Willpower point moves her control a step further from Harmony 5.

At four dots, characters in Basu-Im may roll Resolve + Composure to prioritize attacking non-packmates before pack members, even if those packmates are closer, or easier targets.

At five dots, characters won't target or pursue packmates as long as they're no threat to the rampaging Gauru, and can roll Resolve + Composure each turn to ignore innocents and non-combatants while searching for foes to attack.

Den (*, **, ***, ****, *****)

Effect: Most packs have a place where they come together to feel safe and relax. Packs with a Den take this a step further. A pack's Den is at the heart of its territory, a stronghold against outsiders, and an easy path to the Hisil.

The Den must be a mostly enclosed physical location. An apartment, a warehouse, or even a cave is suitable, but an open clearing in a copse of trees would not be. Regardless of a Den's physical appearance, the pack knows how to best use the layout to their advantage. Add the Den's merit dots to the Defense ratings of any packmates within the Den. This bonus does not apply against members of the pack, or enemies led by these traitors.

Though Dens aren't necessarily loci, their resonance attunes with that of the pack. Packmates capable of Reaching may do so within the Den, with an effective Gauntlet strength of 2. This resonance interferes with the Reach of non-pack-mates - Gaulntlet strength is 5 for these individuals.

The Den can also be a Safe Place, and house a Dedicated Locus, if characters purchase those merits separately.

Drawback: It's difficult to hide a Den's location from outsiders. Though a Den is difficult to assault, the comings and goings of the pack and the scent of so many Uratha makes it easy for enemies to find. Any attempts to discover the Den's location add its dots to the dice pool.