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Date of Birth April 1988
Apparent Age Twenties
Needle Dynamo
Thread Friends
Occupation Agent of Chaos
Organization HAHAHAHA!
Seeming Wizened
Kith Gremlin, Larcenist
Court Summer
Motley The Fixers


A work in progress....

RP Hooks

  • Lost - Are you Lost, too? We can find our way together!
  • Found - Oh? Why do I have the watch your father gave you? It would seem you set it down it and I was about to give it back. You shouldn't be quite so careless.
  • Drama - No, not THAT drama. With a capital 'D'. Acting. Theatre. I can build the most wondrous sets!
  • Dinner - Don't....and I repeat this, DON'T feed me after midnight. That is rule number one.
  • Upgrades - I have them! I can make it faster, stronger, better looking. Well not better looking.
  • Seriously? - Do we really need a hook to RP? I can find a reason.


Axle Fun.png Axle - She likes to fix things and build things. My girl. Which says a lot!
RamseySideTop.jpg Rambo - Big bonehead, and a pretty awesome bro. We like to give each other hell.
Jeanie.jpg Jeanie Beanie - She may be a normie but she is pretty awesome.
Fawn7.png Fawnie - Our amazing resident hippy chick. So sweet. She bakes COOKIES!
Mac1.jpg Mac - Clockwork girl, and SUPER builder.
Stevie - Tough girl. She can throw down with the best of them. Too bad she can't catch me!


Fenway.jpg Fen - Miss Dracula and a Pirate all rolled into one!
Peter.jpg Peter - My very good friend! Though he still needs work on playing a Dragon.
Ling5.jpg Lilium - My other number 1 best friend! She plays a great damsel in distress.
Buster002.jpg Buster - First Vampire I ever met. I must say, I'm not all that impressed with his super power...
Molly1.jpg Molly - Yeah sorry, you are totally a birb!
Stasya.jpg Queenie - Summer queen. She 'sweet talked' me into being Quartermaster. We'll see how this goes.


Darya 04.jpg Fee - I will miss you so much. I love you, Fee. If Drac doesn't treat you right, I will end him.


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