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Vampire House Rules

  • We are willing to add new Bloodlines, but require the player who requests this come with a fully-formed pitch complete with mechanics (similar to our current Bloodlines) and a story. These can be conversions from 1e or completely new.
  • Vampires do not become immune to the Bestial, Wanton, or Competitive conditions for a month after suffering them. Only one such condition can be inflicted on a specific vampire per scene, and if a second Condition is taken before the first expires, the earlier Condition immediately ends without being Resolved.
  • Vampires automatically sense ghouls. Ghouls can automatically sense vampires. Ghouls cannot automatically sense werewolves.
  • Clan-specific Disciplines are an exception to the rule that no justification is necessary for experience spends. A request must be submitted and a note must be set whenever a vampire feeds on another vampire. The check for vitae addiction and vinculum must be made to the resulting +job, and a note for Clan-specific disciplines present on the vampire fed from is added. Please refer to this note when spending experience to raise a Clan-specific out-of-clan Discipline (Auspex, Dominate, Majesty, Nightmare, or Protean).
  • To learn a Clan-specific Discipline, no “teaching” is required. Only a taste of blood from a vampire with more of that discipline than the vampire currently possesses.
  • Invictus who do not wish to buy another Oath may take Oath of Fealty to Dominic Aelius for free. All Invictus MUST have at least one Oath unless they are under the care of their Sire.
  • Falling to Frenzy involuntarily (not through Riding the Wave or Coil of the Wyrm or similar abilities) grants a Beat.


  • Statistics for animals can be found here.
  • A vampire with Animalism may assume the presence of urban animals (or animals appropriate to the area) up to Size 2 without the need for a Retainer or Equipment spend.
  • Raise the Familiar: To acquire a Familiar, the vampire should submit a +request to have it +noted. Certain rare or powerful animals (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) may require a scene, Equipment spend, or rolls to acquire.
  • Summon The Hunt: Assume three animals of Size 2, six animals of Size 1, or one swarm of insects or other vermin per success, arriving one success’s worth per turn. Treat a swarm of vermin as a vampire in Swarm Form (see Vampire Second Edition, page 114) except that it attacks using the vampire’s Animalism+Blood Potency and covers a space of five yards. Each swarm is commanded as if it were one creature.


  • A vampire with Protean should have their current Protean animal forms and choices for Protean 2/4 listed in a +note. This note does not need to be staff-approved and may be changed any time the vampire sleeps in an Unmarked Grave; however, it should not be changed during a scene. A vampire has full cosmetic control over the shape he takes; while the mechanics do not change, the appearance of each enhancement can be whatever the vampire desires so long as it produces the effect in the mechanics. Barbed Hands could be the curved scything arms of a preying mantis. A Prehensile Tail could be a trunk growing from the vampire’s face. Additional cosmetic-only alterations are explicitly allowed (pointed tufted ears, glowing yellow eyes, shiny black chitinous skin, et cetera).
  • When Protean changes a vampire so drastically that their clothing or possessions cannot be accommodated by the new form, they merge into the vampire for the duration.
  • Protean 2 and 4 can alter and enhance the animal forms of Protean 3.
  • When a vampire uses Protean 3, use the statistics for an animal from here.
  • Claws formed with Protean 2 cause lethal damage to vampires.
  • Claws of the Unholy cause aggravated damage to werewolves. They do not ignore Gauru form armor.
  • Claws of the Unholy cause aggravated damage to beasts. They do not ignore armor granted by Atavisms, but do ignore armor granted by Iron Skin, including Advanced/Epic.
  • Swarm Form and Primeval Miasma: The attack pool for a vampire in Swarm Form or Primeval Miasma is Protean+Blood Potency. These attacks ignore Defense.
  • In Primeval Miasma, the vampire is solid enough to hold a target in place to be grappled and fed from. The opposition has only the option to escape from the grapple, not to hold or pin the vampire. Primeval Miasma cannot inflict damage, other than via feeding.
  • Feeding in Swarm Form always inflicts the Assault. Feedings in Primeval Miasma cause the Assault if the target is unwilling, or the Kiss if they are willing. Being fed upon by smoke invading the lungs or by a swarm of vermin is a Breaking Point for most mortals, even if the Kiss is inflicted.


  • The “cosmetic” damage of Resilience may cause tilts, including lost limbs. This damage may be healed with a single point of vitae, even without the vampire sleeping for the night. Lost limbs regenerate in a moment or are reattached, charred flesh pinkens and becomes normal almost as fast as it was destroyed.


  • All improvised weapons other than those which would not, without Vigor, function as weapons (cards, pillows, a roll of paper towels) inflict lethal damage on non-Vampires.
  • Weapons of Size 10 or above cause aggravated damage to mortals.
  • If a vampire could reasonably lift and swing an item with their base Vigor-enhanced strength, it does not require a point of vitae and uses normal Improvised Weapon rolls.

Coil of Zirnitra

  • Vampires cannot use Coil of Zirnitra to acquire Psychokinetic Resistance to fire.


Natural Born Killer

(Auspex **, Celerity ***)

With this Devotion, your character intuitively senses opponents, and can respond immediately with a hail of impossibly accurate gunfire.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: None

Action: Reflexive

You may activate Natural Born Killer in the first turn of a combat scene, or in response to an ambush or surprise attempt against your character. Add your character's Celerity to any rolls to detect the ambush. For the turn, add her Auspex to her Initiative as well as her Celerity as normal. As well, if she makes a successful Firearms attack in the same turn, add her Auspex as additional weapon damage. This may apply to weapons thrown with the Athletics Skill as well.

You may only use this Devotion once in a scene.

This Devotion costs 3 Experiences to learn.

Sight of the Hidden Shade

Basic (Auspex 2)

You have learned to shift your sight to perceive that which is beyond the veil of death.

Cost: 1 Vitae per scene

Dice Pool: None

Action: Instant

Effect: Your character may perceive unmanifested ghosts in Twilight.

Advanced (Auspex 2, Vigor 2)

You have learned to reach out and touch things that others can't.

Cost: 1 Vitae (in addition to the 1 Vitae for Sight of the Hidden Shade)

Dice Pool: None

Action: None (this simply augments Sight of the Hidden Shade, which remains an Instant action).

Effect: You may now interact physically with unmanifested ghosts in Twilight. Any weapon you wield will affect ghosts as well.

The Basic version of this Devotion costs 1 Experience. The Advanced version costs 1 additional Experience, for a total of 2.

If You Can't Duck It

(••••, divided between Celerity, Resilience, and Vigor, including at least two)

This Devotion allows your character to instill some of her preternatural physical prowess on physical objects. Some Carthians call it Bulwark. Most just refer to it as "If You Can't Duck It".

Cost: 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: None

Action: Instant

By smearing a Vitae on an object, your character blesses it with some of her own physical power for the scene. Her dots of Celerity, Resilience, and Vigor each offer separate effects:

• The object gains a dice pool modifier on its primary intended action equal to your character's Celerity dots.

• The object gains Structure equal to twice your character's Resilience dots.

• The object gains Durability equal to your character's Vigor dots. If a weapon, it causes lethal damage to Kindred.

An object may only be subject to a single instance of If You Can't Duck It at once.

This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.


(Celerity; Special)

This Devotion only exists to modify other Devotions. It takes a Devotion that normally requires a moment of thought and concentration, and turns it into reflex.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: None

Action: Reflexive

When purchasing this Devotion, assign it to another Devotion which requires an Instant Action to use. For example, your character may have .22 Solid Flesh, modified with this Devotion. Rapidity requires Celerity equal to the Experience cost of the Devotion in question. This influences its Experience cost. Rapidity cannot modify Devotions that require more than a single word of speech, or any sort of complicated physical actions to accomplish. The Storyteller is encouraged to review individual purchases of Rapidity for appropriateness.

When activating the Devotion, you may choose to activate Rapidity for an additional Vitae. The Devotion becomes Reflexive if so.

You may only activate one Devotion fueled by Rapidity in a turn.

This Devotion costs 1 Experience if it requires Celerity • or ••, 2 Experiences if it requires Celerity ••• or ••••, and costs 3 Experiences if it requires Celerity •••••. Rapidity cannot modify a Devotion normally costing 6 Experiences or more.


  • Ghouls can automatically sense Vampires. Vampires can automatically sense Ghouls. Ghouls cannot automatically sense a changeling’s or a werewolf's nature. Ghouls may purchase the Unseen Sense Merit (CoD pg. 60) for each type of supernatural if they wish.
  • Ghouls may (unless otherwise noted) take a total of 5 dots in Supernatural Merits. So, for example, a character could have Psychokinesis 5, or Clairvoyance (a 3-dot merit) and Cursed (a 2-dot merit). If a Human character becomes a Ghoul, they must choose which dots of merits they will keep; the rest are returned as per Sanctity of Merits, either translated directly into other merit dots (with no wait time) or as Experiences.