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Vampire Custom Content


Bloodline applications are currently open - with caveats. +bbread 1/38

Masks and Dirges

  • Artisan
  • The artisan is needs to create like he needs to feed. He can have widely varied interests or a specialty in just one, tangible or intangible, but he must make time to create in order to feel whole. Nothing and no one is as important to the artisan as the work itself.
  • Single Willpower: Create something, anything, from a piece of art to the spark of passion in someone's life through your speech or performance, action or creation, ignoring obligations, interests and anything else that stands between you and the completion of your work.
  • All Willpower: Create something that affects the course of events significantly, ignoring obligations, interests and anything else that stands between you and the completion of your work.
  • Chess Master - From Changeling: the Lost, page 96
  • A chess master views the world as a set of endless possibilities, with his hand on the rudder. He looks toward the future, calculating for every potential variable. He maneuvers people like pieces on a board to make sure things go as planned.
  • Single Willpower: Manipulate someone into doing what you want.
  • All Willpower: Bringing harm or misfortune to others in the course of manipulating people into enacting your plans.
  • Collector
  • A collector can’t let a decade slip by without accumulating its detritus. She hoards fashions, entertainment, art, music, even people — anything she can get her hands on, from every era.
  • Single Willpower: Go out of your way to acquire something characteristic of the time and place you occupy.
  • All Willpower: Choose adding to your collection over your own safety or over the Masquerade.
  • Meddler
  • A meddler isn’t satisfied unless she’s the one behind whatever’s happening. Whether blatant or subtle, she can’t let events unfold without her fingerprints on them.
  • Single Willpower: Involve yourself in someone else’s business without being invited.
  • All Willpower: Interfere in a precarious or dangerous situation so you can take credit for whatever happens.
  • Provocateur
  • A provocateur pushes buttons and fans flames so she can watch everything burn, or “for their own good.” She isn’t satisfied unless she’s causing trouble for other people — but never for herself.
  • Single Willpower: Provoke dissension among others for no reason other than to do it.
  • All Willpower: Cause conflict among others when you know lives and futures are on the line.