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Name - Tristesse Sansonnet
Occupation - Mercenary/Sneak for Hire
Apparent Age - Late teens to early 20s
Race - Changeling
Court - Winter
Seeming Darkling
Kith - Playmate & Cleverquick
Keepers - Frost & Winter's Scourge

Tristesse Sansonnet



Tristesse isn't her real name, of course, but one given to her. Sansonnet isn't her real last name, but one she's taken. Somewhere far away in the north lives a thing with Tristesse's real name who has lived the life she might have had.

Now, Tristesse is a creature of Winter who has chosen a place that has no ice, no frost, no snow to restart a life that doesn't resemble in the least the one she thought she would live. She lives on the outskirts of society though she dips her toe in from time to time.

The water's not fine. And neither is she.


Changeling - This is obvious to many.

Darkling Need someone to pull some shady stuff?

Healer - Lesser known, but as a Playmate, she might be able to help the wounded.


  • Mingzhu - Winter, Moon, Supporter.
  • Eva - Spring, Delicacy, Artisan.
  • Eerie - Stranger, Kindness, Hope.
  • Stasya - Summer. Sugar. Protector.
  • Darcy - (Not a) Kitten, Curiosity, Ire.
  • Hawthorne - Solitude, Solemnity, Ink.


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