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Tobias Buchner
Date of Birth February 22, 1987
Apparent Age 30ish
Virtue Creative
Vice Focused
Occupation Pickler
Template Mortal

RP Hooks

  • Pickles - Makes 'em, sells 'em, loves 'em, knows the craft and science behind 'em.
  • Zymurgy - Fermentation expert. Beers, wines, cheeses, yogurts... and, yep, pickles. Microbiology is magic.
  • Nerd - Likes speculative fiction. Might occasionally write his own.
  • Chill - Generally laid back. Occasional smart-assery.
  • Hyper-focused - Sometimes gets way lost in whatever he's working on and loses track of the rest of the world. Sometimes for a few minutes. Sometimes for a few weeks. Oops.
  • Fanboy Crush - On Brad Leone. <3
  • Pretty Pictures - Pretending to be content.


None yet.