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Taylor Surchel
Apparent Age Twenty-ish
Blood Fox
Bone Guru
Auspice Ithaeur
Tribe Iron Masters
Pack None


Hishu Description

Taylor is of a lithe, petite build, at just over or under five and half feet depending upon the soles of shoes worn. They have fair skin of a smooth complexion, with pale freckles in gentle smatterings beneath either eye and across the bridge of their nose. Their face is a collection of delicate features - button nose, narrow, finely rounded chin and jawline, downward-turned lips, and high cheekbones.

They have sun-kissed coffee-brown hair that reaches their jawline, in length. It's disheveled (and sometimes dirty) but not tangled, mostly kept back from their face and obedient to how it's been brushed away. With eyebrows of a slightly darker shade, straight in shape - full in body, but well shaped. Their eyes are grey - with shades of silver forming a ridgeline around the pupil, and charcoal closest to the outside edge of the iris. And the skin around their eyes seems to be just slightly darker than the rest, indicative of an uneven sleep schedule. They have a curved barbell septum piercing in stainless steel, with beaded ridges along the exposed portions, and three small ringed helix piercings in the ridge of their right ear; and a pale suggestion of two tiny healing scars at the outermost end of their left eyebrow, where there was likely another piercing as well.

They tend toward baggy shirts, hoodies, or the layering of jackets over shirts. And any matching pants tend to be on the looser side, as well, like jeans, cargo pants, or carhartts - though these still might fit snug on the hips. Their shoes are scuffed, beat up, department store brand cross-trainers (held together by - is that duct tape?). In terms of color, Taylor leans heavily into blacks and grays in the way of their attire, but may also include splashes of navy blue, bright yellow, or purple. And how worn out or dirty these clothes can get seems to run parallel to how long it's been since they've scrounged them from donation bins, thrift shops, or successful acts of shoplifting.

Pinterest Gallery

RP Hooks

Been - Not Even Nearly - Everywhere - Taylor has been all over, where the roads would take them to, with regard to North America. They spent some time abroad in Europe, otherwise.

Busker - They're a street performer. Everything from dancing to music (singing alongside a cheap old guitar). They seem to have a background in the performing arts that gives them just enough to live off of by doing this.

Gender Confusion - Taylor doesn't seem all that confused, though others might be. They tend to roll with whatever they're assumed to be, being opportunistic enough to take advantage of alternating advantages and safeties where they might be found.

Neopagans - They don't fit neatly among this number, but do have a few contacts here. Many mutual points of study, and an interest in seeing what variations might be found that they haven't already seen online.

Online - They're engaged in several facets of social networking, a binge-watcher of youtube, Twitch, and other endless streaming options. And they're a middling hacker and programmer with room to grow. However their faith intersects with the virtual, the obsession is home to many outlets into which they pour their attention.

Revel - Hedonism is its own worship. And Taylor explores their share of its offerings. Clubs, raves, house parties, and more - where vice can be found in good company, so too can Taylor.

Spirit in the Machine - They specialize in urban spirits and have something of an obsession for where the electronic and the spiritual intersect. They're a Warden and Spirit Master with a strange religion and an exhibition of the shamanistic.

Thief - This probably makes life a little less difficult financially and a little more complicated legally, but Taylor has a bad influence in their totem and an overall focus on survival. They do what they need to appease a spirit and to get by.


New phone. Who this?