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Stasya Andreeva
Date of Birth November 7, 1873
Apparent Age 30
Needle Dynamo
Thread Revenge
Occupation Pastry Caterer
Seeming Wizened
Kith Artist/Witchtooth
Court Summer (with Autumn Goodwill)


The Mask: Her small stature and finely-featured face might lure some folks into believing that Stasya is harmless and those people would be fools. This woman carries herself with all the refined grace of an ambush predator, a feline ready and waiting to strike when the moment is right. Piercing tawny eyes stare down her well defined nose, always measuring and evaluating. Thick brown hair is perfectly coiffed to frame her face, with not a strand out of place.

The Mien: Arcadia's mark has both softened and hardened this woman's features because what is magic if not a walking pile of improbabilities? Her hair is wispy clouds of bubblegum and lilac swirled into an elaborate updo while her cheekbone and nose maintain a crystalline rigidity. Beneath the pale skin of her mask, her true-skin shimmers as if covered in a fine layer of lavender sanding sugar or a heat mirage.

Common Knowledge

  • English is not her first language. Has problems with idioms and metaphors.
  • Very focused on duty and protective of those she thinks can't protect themselves
  • When she first escaped Arcadia, she wound up in the NYC freehold for about 4 years before moving down to New Orleans.

RP Hooks

  • Crafty: Literally. Anything you want made out of sugar, she can do it for a price... also possible she could turn that sugar into metal but she's got to trust you for that.
  • Sharp and Pointy: She collects and crafts all sorts of blades.
  • Summer Courtier: While she might have been born in a Russian snowstorm, she's fully dedicated to the heat of summer now.


  • TBD