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Elisabeth Butler


Eavesdropper By design. By habit. By choice. By fate. Ever the witness.
Memory Bank Impeccable memory. Mostly. When intoxication doesn't get in the way.
Hedonist Pursuit of pleasure as an act of independence. The power of yes. And no.
Manipulator Threads are meant to be pulled. Pieces are meant to be moved.
Chamberlain To the Crimson Monarch. A fancy title for administrative assistant.
Club Owner New owner of   The Eventide   in Marigny, an unexpected turn.
Transplant Arrived in January. Still not properly settled. Pledged, though. Likely staying.
1980s Native Displaced from her original timeline. Enjoying innovations in beer & technology.
Philosopher No particular knack for big thinking, but she does like pulling at threads.
Loiterer Totally down for just hanging out and doing nothing in particular. Love it.


Church History & hope, deferred for duty. Cupcakes Summer Queen. Direct & effective.
Inferno Ridiculous. Exceptional. Inquisitive. Warrior Poet Words & warmth. Grounding. (NPC)

History A piece of the past come back to haunt me. Hunter Pretty boy. Makes good. Sincere & sweet.
Icarus Poetry, boldness, rituals. Fallen, fled. Mischief Bad advice & good distractions.
Nightshade Smirk game on point. Charming. Rabbit Stubborn fluff. Appreciated. (NPC)
Storyteller Colorful. Curious to see what she captures. Swag Cool & collected & exquisitely efficient.
Hometown Miami, FL
Date of Birth November 23, 1962
Apparent Age Mid-20s
Sign Sagittarius
Needle Chess Master
Thread Joy
Occupation Nightclub Owner
Seeming Darkling
Kith Whisperwisp/Chatelaine
Court Spring
Court Position Chamberlain


Bauhaus - Silent Hedges

Pure sensation. The beautiful downgrade.

Kailee Morgue - Siren

There's a pleasure in hidin' from the sun.
The Damned - I Think I'm Wonderful
They think I'm nothing special. I don't agree.

Herizen - Come Over to My House

Life's much better when you don't know the cost.

Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Blank Generation

It's fascinating to observe what the mirror does.

TOKiMONSTA - Fried for the Night

All dissolved. Nothing's what it seems.
Love is lost. Catch me in your dreams.
“The key to good eavesdropping is not getting caught.”
— Lemony Snicket