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Date of Birth 3/23/1929
Apparent Age 21..ish
Needle Protector
Thread Revenge
Occupation Security Guard
Template Changeling
Seeming Beast
Kith Snowskin
Court Winter
Motley None


Simin is a recent arrival, having blown in on a Greyhound bus from Dallas after struggling his way out of the Hedge about a year and a half ago leading a small group of escapees out in the process, who chose to remain behind in Dallas. Finding the area far too flat and dead, with too many Lost acting rashly, and hearing stories about how things were newly developing in NOLA, he chose to pay the town a visit and see for himself.

RP Hooks

  • Security - Simin specializes in security and protection, usually working as a security guard or bouncer. He PREFERS to be working area security rather than people security but will take bouncer work when there isn't much else available. Need someone with good eyes and the ability to stop people from getting across your borders?
  • Hedge - Simin has several skills and contracts specifically tailored to surviving and doing well in the Hedge, and most of his Durance was spent watching the border between his Keeper's realm and the Deep Hedge to make sure nothing got out or in. Need a pathfinder? Or just a live companion that wont be an idiot out there?