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Born in 1970, Formerly from New Jersey, Sheena Crowe would have had a pretty lucrative career in the tech industry as it was growing. Unfortunately she was taken as a child. Raised to be a thief and spy for The Bastard Administrator forged in copper to hide and infiltrate in plain sight and take anything her administrator wished. With varying levels of success. More a dancer than a fighter escape was rough on may occasions. Freedom came when one escape attempt was made and her captors beat her home. Her keeper was gone and she was alone. The sense of freedom addicting. And after some time skulking her way though the hedge she made it out. And into the future. She couldn't go home, her Fetch had thoroughly taken over and was a senior engineer for a very successful tech company.

So after joining the Autumn court and finding fun instilling fear, embarking on a semi homeless life of crime, and maybe a large quantity of drugs cause hey, they work and it sure beats dancing. The discovery that New Orleans was a thing for Lost now, she just had to get in on the ground floor.


Changeling: Lost, sorta kinda, even if she knows where she is. Not going back though. Fuck that noise

Elemental: The outer shell might be gone but the copper is still in her veins and nerves. And still moves with dancer's grace.

Thief: Kinda hard to earn a legit living as an engineer when you've been replaced and you're a lot older than you look. And dancing is for fun now. So that means stealing a bunch of shit. And if you don't like it you can kiss her shiny metal ass.

Party: Dance for yourself first, then the ladies second. Take crap from no one, take your lumps, thump 'em right back. Puff, puff pass. Don't fuck up the rotation.