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Selina Beauchamp
Date of Birth October 9, 1992
Apparent Age Twenties
Virtue Charity
Vice Gluttony
Organization Crown Pleasure Club
Template Psychic Vampire


Selina Beauchamp was born in New Orleans, third child of a large military family. Surrounded by brothers, she was forced to hold her own, making her a bit of a scrapper. Far from a shrinking violet, even before her psychic vampirism awoke in her. She joined the Crown Pleasure Club in 2018, and has slowly working her way through the ranks, through the library, and rubbing elbows with the supernatural creatures of the city.

All knowledge is worth having, after all.

RP Hooks

Crown Pleasure Club: Selina is one of the Keepers of the Accords, slowly becoming entrenched in the organization.

I Vant To Suck Yer....Aura?: Vampire, but not of the bite-and-blood type.

You Say You Want A Revolution?: Protests. BLM. LGBTQIA+. Selina is active, loud, and adamant in her quest for equality.