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The Wolf

Birth Name: Saul Sergio Avila Vargas
Date of Birth: 25 November 1984
Apparent Age: 30s
Bone: Guru
Occupation: Underground pit fighter, bouncer, hired thug

Race: Uratha
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Pack: None
Lodge: Lodge of Demons


Saul is not a New Orleans local, being born to a Cuban-American family in Miami, he has had a considerable reputation in his city's Shadow for being a death dealer, a spirit mercenary of sorts for offering chiminages by doing many a spirit's dirty work, and unearthing his portion of spirit lore and precious knowledge in the process. Don't take him for a mere brute, however; this particular Rahu knows how to settle deals and negotiate with the Shadow's denizens without getting himself brutally mangled, combat usually being a last resort in most scenarios, the Werewolf exercising a number of warnings and threats that are -usually- effective before he turns, effectively, dangerous. Once it has reached that point of violence, though? There's no turning back from the Full Moon's wrath.

His profession is more or less the same in the world of Flesh. If not earning his money's worth of fighting in the underground fight clubs, Saul can often be found as a bouncer in numerous clubs, bars, or even fraternities connected enough to contact and hire him in their parties. Also, he's not above doing mercenary work himself. Name him a decent price and an information that he can work around on, and he'll hesitantly punch in some noses and break a few bones for you. Yes, hesitantly, but he gets the job done eitherway, and you better have the right amount of money if you want him to actually murder somebody.

His 'infamy' in New Orleans is very tame compared to his previous one, but this particular Bone Shadow is bent on carving a piece of his own story in the city.



The Bloody Shaman — Having changed under the Full Moon and becoming an ardent follower of Kamduis-Ur, Saul tries to balance his physical capability and spiritual prowess, being a proficient fighter both in and out of the Hisil. He rarely takes any ghost-busting jobs however, unless the spirits have really gone out of their way to attract his attention.

A Far Cry — His methods in meddling in the Shadow Realm's business as a Bone Shadow was found rather 'strange' by his tribal elders, that were mostly comprised of Ithaeurs and Elodoths, back in Florida. Maybe they would've excommunicated him from the tribe if it wasn't for his usefulness, and his effectiveness in dealing with said spirits, no matter how outlandish it was to them. The elders once described him as "a far cry from the tribe's ideals", hence his deedname: Fa'ra-su.

Spirit Mercenary — Saul often sealed pacts with a group of spirits that he found beneficial, and slew their rivals as chiminage to gain favors and knowledge. A notorious mercenary among the spirits. And if they backed down from the deal? He would find ways to benefit from destroying his 'backstabbers', at times making deals with another of their court rivals for profit. The Shadow is a wellspring of knowledge, essence, and most important to him, abundant power.

Caged Warrior — You'll mainly find him participating in the city's underground fighting scene, breaking noses and busting people's faces in for money, which is arguably the best kind of human interaction he prefers. The old wolf is still above thoughtless murder however, but accidents do happen. If the fighting scene goes silent, oftentimes from police injunctions and investigations, the opportunistic man will find other means of earning the few hundred bucks that can sustain him.

The Wolf Must Improve — An adherent of the Lodge of Demons, he regularly scours the Shadow and frequently interacts with its denizens, unearthing ancient, unknown, and often forbidden lore, all in the name of self-improvement. Of course, he hides this fact from the outside world, fearing the backlash and scrutiny that might come. Despite that, some of his mutations have started to show in his forms, subtle ones such as how his eyes glow a bloody red around his black irises.


  • Cassadee — Under close observation.
  • Sabine — A hunter. She's got the fierce look of Fenris, all right.
  • Charity — One of the Lost, but deep in her heart, she still belongs to the People.


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