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H. E. Saint
Date of Birth 12 December 1991
Virtue Courageous
Vice Addictive & Epicurean
Occupation Tattoo Artist


There are a lot of reasons somebody might land in a below-sea-level crater of a town like New Orleans. Jazz, culture, food, art. A lot of reasons. Saint is a moderately known artist who rarely stops moving long enough to sign a lease, let alone put down roots. You might think she dropped into the Big Easy because she's running from something, if, that is, you did a lot of thinking on that kind of subject. Best not to, right? Right.

RP Hooks

The Sailor's Heart Tattoo - As of late April 2020, she occupies one of the few stations in the little Mid-City tattoo shop. (+travel sail) She's known for her custom freehand of a decidedly whimsical nature. Her preferred subjects are heavy in folklore and nature influence.

Status (Bikers) 2 - She tends to get on with biker types and spends a lot of time in divey locations, as well as inking the already heavily tattooed. She knows some people. Probably has some skeletons in that closet. Her chair is a lot like a vault: what's said when sitting in it stays in it. Unless you're a manipulative a-hole.

Herbalist - From time to time she's known to pass along a bit of herbal remedy to her clients, be it a natural hangover cure or custom mixed herbal teas for sleeping better. There's usually a cup of something herbaceous or floral steeping nearby. To this end, she's been known to pilfer a leaf, root, or entire pot of something if left too long unsupervised in someone's greenhouse.

Vagabond Artist - Travels regularly for conventions. She has tattooed for small chunks of time in Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Austin, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Miami, London, and a very memorable four months in Paris. (related: Fame 2 in the field of tattooing, primarily with collectors and other artists.)


Nia is a breath of fresh air with a with a good deal of knowledge about local herbs & bayou medicine. Funny too.


Happy seemed like a good idea, ultimately went all wrong. Some people just can't keep promises.


Gasoline - Halsey

The Let Go - Elle King

I Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles

To Be Alone - Hozier

Little Bit of Lovin' - Elle King