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Sage Vasily-Cohen
Date of Birth May 11, 1998
Apparent Age 20s
Virtue Charity
Vice Lust
Occupation Intern
Pack The Zombies


Sage Vasily-Cohen grew up knowing one day he would be called into service of the family. He grew up in New York, fairly sheltered from the wolfy side of his family, who lived on the opposite coast. Then he was told he had to go to New Orleans to assist his cousin Marek. Ever dutiful, he uprooted himself and came to NOLA. He's an intern in a local political office, and his goal is to climb the ladder and use his influence to help his pack.

RP Hooks

  • Wolf-Blooded: He's part of that world.
  • Politically-Minded: Are you into politics? So is he!
  • Social Bunny: Chances are good you could meet him in a bar or club.
  • The Library is Open: Sage used to do drag in NYC under the name Jewanna Kissmee, and he's not afraid to read a bitch.
  • Wino: Do you like day-drinking? Sage likes day-drinking! A little too much.


The Pack

  • Marek: My baby cousin, all grown up.
  • Hudson: He's nice and takes me out places.
  • Rain/River: Someone I hold dear.
  • Ryan: Fellow wolfblood. I'll keep him safe.

Karaoke Crew

  • Axle: Fixer of machines, bringer of joy.
  • Jeanie: Fellow vegetarian!
  • Ramsey: I'm also a fan of how he turns into a big furry rage monster.