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Name: Royal Lee
Age: 21
Occupation: Currently Unemployed
Degree: Chemical Engineer - Pharmaceuticals
Virtue: Ambitious (for all the wrong reasons)
Vice: Arrogance (for all the reasons)
Race: Mortal
Type: Atariya -- and lucky AF
Cult: Order of the Golden Moon


The Unlikely Candidates - Novocaine


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  • Southern Boy: Royal is originally from the ATL, but has recently moved to New Orleans. Why? Who knows. He is an avid follower of wishes and dreams
  • Synthetics: Somehow, Royal managed to graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in chemical engineering last summer. But job-schmob -- he is much more interested in creating synthetics for clubs and parties
  • Occultist: He's always been a fan of the dark arts, and recently has become very interested in learning magick
  • Cult Member: Recently Royal became a member of the Order of the Golden Moon


  • Buster - “You are a god, and you know it.”
  • Talbot - “The god's right hand man.”

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