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Rowan Morrison
Date of Birth November 1, 1996
Apparent Age Mid 20s
Blood Soldier
Bone Lone Wolf
Occupation Retired Air Force Captain
Template Werewolf
Auspice Cahalith
Tribe Hunters in Darkness

“With the moon I run, far from the carnage of the fiery sun...” – Kings of Leon


Rowan Morrison is the slightly-younger twin brother of Autumn Morrison. After leaving the Air Force (HOOAH!) and spending almost a year making his way back home one bottle of beer at a time, he has finally reunited with his parents and younger sister Rose in Baton Rouge and has now made his way to New Orleans to find and annoy Autumn.

He is tall, loud and can usually be found in the middle of a bar brawl.


  • HEIGHT: He is 6'5" and acts like he's a solid 7" tall. He'd have to be to carry around that ego of his. While he is just at the very top of height as a pilot and cockpits can be damn uncomfortable for him, he's surprisingly good at making himself fit.
  • HOOAH!: Aim High, Fly-Fight-WIN muthafukka. He's been honorably discharged with the rank of Captain, but his heart still belongs to the Air Force. And in case he doesn't talk about it enough, he has the Air Force logo tattooed on a bicep.
  • CALL SIGN: He spent a long time hating his call sign which came about from a drunken night of making fun of his red hair. After one of the guys called him Duracell, someone else said he could be the next oversized Duracell bunny. That guy got punched but the slightly less offensive Rabbit remained until he finally grew to accept it. And good thing he did as it's on half the things he owns.
  • PILOT: In case there was any question, he can fly the crap out of anything with wings.
  • SCRUFFY NERFHERDER: Well shiiiiit, he's a damn werewolf.
  • CAHALITH: I am going to tear you apart. But first I'll wax poetic about the damage I plan to do and how awesome I was the last time I did that to someone who pissed me off.
  • MENINNA: Hunters in Darkness? Yeah, he's one of them.

He. Is. Tall.

Like very tall. Just a hairline under six and a half feet tall, helped along by his perfect military posture. And if that wasn't enough for him to stand out, he has bright red hair, cropped close on the sides and with enough length on top to spike into a messy makeshift mohawk. Unfortunately, the red also matches his short beard. Where he was once long and lean, he is now a brute force of a wall with biceps that clearly took some work, a torso of solid muscle and legs to match. His hazel eyes seem to gloss over everything in a way that either takes in every detail or none.

He's not a bad looking guy despite his long straight nose showing signs of having been broken and reset several times, but there's just something angry about him. He has the aura of someone on the verge of starting a bar fight just because someone looked in his direction accidentally. To match his red hair and sense of temper, he's often found cracking the knuckles on his meaty hands.

Dressed in a white tank top, dark jeans and heavy boots as he is, the blue denim jacket twenty years out of style just looks a shade away from being completely ridiculous but somehow on him it fits.


Autumn - Stop calling me your little brother. I am barely seven minutes younger (and two feet taller) than you.


Anyone who knew him when he was younger may remember him looking a bit closer to the clean-cut military man he had been...

Rowan-1.jpg Rowan-2.jpg

But this is him now...
Rowan-3.png Rowan-4.png

His namesake, because there was already a call sign of Energizer so they dubbed him the less popular of the two...



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