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Robin 1.jpg
Robin Aster
Date of Birth  ???
Apparent Age 30s
Seeming Elemental
Kith Bright One
Court Summer


Once, billions of years ago by some counts but surely not that long ago by others, a person who no longer exists was lured into Arcadia by a Keeper who wanted more than just a light to read by - he wanted a star to spark life on entire goblin worlds, with goblin peoples and goblin ecosystems with goblin moons. This Keeper sparked a passion in the one who he took, lit it and added fuel until it didn't just kindle - it ignited a reaction so strongly that a Sun was born. That Sun hung in space while worlds formed, while life bloomed.
When the Sun reached out toward that life, desperately lonely, worlds burned. When the Sun drew away in horror, worlds froze and died. The Sun's very breath scoured worlds of their atmospheres if they did not have the protection of specialized magnetic fields, and world after world came into that sun's orbit and never knew life, or knew it only briefly.
The Sun learned to fear growing attached. Learned that closeness was dangerous for anything which lived. The Sun forgot their origins and knew only its eternal isolation, but for their Keeper, who visited in a ship of crystal and brass gears. Until, one day, that Keeper pushed the Sun too far, and their passion ignited once again in a supernova.
It turns out, even Keepers don't survive those.
All that was left of the universe was Robin, the core of that Sun. It took a very long time for the Changeling that was left to make their way back to the world, a world they did not remember.

RP Hooks

  • Summer as FUCK.
  • Zero subtley.
  • Old soul, new world.
  • BFFs with The Sun.
  • ...we don't talk about The Moon.
  • Loves to hug vampires.


  • Abel: Food, shelter, all that jaaaaazzzzz.
  • Phoebe: Much startle, very chatter, wow.
  • Delphine: In training to be a knight.
  • Ian: Stole Abel's face. RUDE.
  • Stasya: Competent.
  • Tasia: Has crabs.