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Desmond 'Reed' Jian
Date of Birth January 31st
Apparent Age 20
Needle Composer
Thread Memory
Template Changeling
Seeming Fairest
Kith Nightsinger/Gravewright
Court Winter


Reed is of Chinese heritage, but perhaps mixed, given his eyes - a vibrant forest green - wild, energetic, and thoughtful. His dark hair (black, by all appearances) holds a slight curl, looking tussled at its current length - longer atop his head, in a grown out undercut. He's clean shaven - with no facial hair to speak of, aside from eyelashes and his emotively inwardly-upward eyebrows. His facial structure is somewhat angular, pronounced cheekbones and narrow jaw.

He's pierced as well, along the ridge of his right ear and at his left brow. And his shirt sleeves may give hint as to tattoos beneath.

He's 5'6", and has a slim build with narrow shoulders that get lost in bulkier clothing. By all appearances, he could be an alternative model or dancer, with tattoos tending toward the macabre when they're on display. His taste in clothing is a blend of grunge and punk - but the layers that he may have been used to, in his time away from the state, may not be as well suited to the climate of the state.

Mien: Those pierced ears of his are rather pointed, at their tops. His green eyes are unnaturally bright - evoking envy, or, perhaps, much more accurately: hunger. Hunger that's reflected in the contrast of his frame and his baggy clothes. There's gravedirt beneath his nails that never quite seems to wash away. And for those that spy his tattoos - they seem rather lively, in the corners of one's eye; the depictions of living horrors - among the more standard pieces - moving when it's assumed no one is looking. There's a subtle, lightless glow about him; bluring his outline, but giving no illumination. A faerie spotlight. His mantle is the oppressive silence of a frozen crypt, threatening to choke away the urge to make a sound and wake something that shouldn't be. (Striking Looks 2: Counterculture Siren)

RP Hooks

  • Cash - No real resume and a fake name with no fake ID to go with it. Reed gets by much as he did on the road when gigs ran dry. Odd jobs in the informal economy. Crime and whatever else is paying - no real long term employment, so far.
  • Lost - Winter Courtier. Nightsinger. Gravewright. He's a counterculture take on a siren, dealing in secrets with the dead. The forgotten have insight on knowledge that has fallen between the cracks - or, at the very least, where the dead bury their secret treasures.
  • Musician - He had middling success with a punk band that toured the Pacific Northwest from 2006-2008, siphoning gas to keep a campervan on the road and dumpster diving convenience stores for discarded pizza. His voice has changed since, though, along with the rest of him.
  • Occultist - An interest that dated back to his time on the road, Reed had an obsession with intersections between composition and the occult - between music and mystic theology. Fascinated with theosophic musicians like Alexander Scriabin and the music of the spheres. This may have got him into trouble, but he's only added to his interests since, including a general interest in texts like books of shadows, spirits, ghosts, scrying, postcognition, and visitation of dreams.