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Red Squirrel
Date of Birth March 12th, 1924
Apparent Age 20's


Red has a complex history full of interesting twists and turns...that he can't remember at all. He was born in 1924, and taken when he was 20, turned into a squirrel, and hunted by dogs and every wild predator in the forest. He spent what felt like an eternity in a state of fear, running and hiding and foraging and generally living in a state of constant terror. When he came out of arcadia, he was naked and wild-eyed and fearful, having to be caught and held by the changelings in the area for a couple months of delicate treatment and encouragement before he calmed down and started to remember how to communicate. At first he spoke only french. Over time, he remembered how to speak english. And later, he got flashes of his past. He was born near Caen, France, and worked for the french resistance in world war 2 as a spy and a ... pastry chef? Memories blur together. He can't even remember his name. He just goes by Red Squirrel. Since he came out a few months ago he's been taken in by the spring court, and is set on pursuing a life of happiness and forgetting his traumatic past. The life he left behind was dark--both lives were awful. As a soldier in the resistance, as a squirrel being hunted, both are full of terror and violence. But this is a new beginning, so as far as he's concerned his memories can stay forgotten.

RP Hooks

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Squirrel - Bright Eyed and bushy tailed. His fur as a squirrel is bright and vibrant red like his hair. He's a eurasian red squirrel, if that matters.

Former spy? - Not that he can tell you much about it, but he was a spy for the french resistance. He's basically lost all those skills, he can't tell a lie to save his life anymore.

Survivalist - He knows his way around forests, and the hedge.

Spring - His mantle is fairly strong, and smells like fresh spring rain on flowers. He also has the court's healing contracts, Gift of Warm Breath and Gift of Warm Blood.

Street Performer - He performs sometimes in the park, juggling knives, torches, etc. He's also an incredibly accurate knife thrower.

French - Draw me like one of your french squirrels.