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RP Hooks

Thank God I'm A Country Boy: Ramsey is from a parish to the west of New Orleans, not from the city itself, and grew up in the kinda place that doesn't have what other people would call, like, roads. He likes hunting, fishing and dancing. Heck, he's from a family of werewolves with a pack going back generations. You could be from back home.

The Electric Lettuce: Ramsey farms weed for a living. Smaller, artisanal batch sort of thing, not big crazy setup. It's mostly for personal use, but he also dumps some on local dealers and the like sometimes. He is also fairly wise to crime, having been involved in a caper here or there. People that have gone looking for his farm have often wound up disappearing.

Sik-Ga - Roadhouse

Marked by the Lunes
The majority of his Renown seems to be in Purity, appearing to be almost even austere for a Rahu, his devotion to the moon being positively religious. Glory is part of it, as well as a touch of cleverness. They call him Sik-Ga, the Roadhouse.

Honor Thy Territory
Ramsey's territory is known to be the area of Little Woods called North Kenilworth, centered around a converted warehouse there, as well as a wooded-in tract of land out in the Bayou Sauvage on which he has a small farm cut off from everything else. These places are meticulously marked and tended to. Visitors are generally welcomed to the former, but almost never the latter.

Them Folks


  • Axle - She's at the heart of who we are, forging a community and without complacency.
  • Seraphine - She has a really big heart. Probably in a jar somewhere. The one you can count on for a smile and to give you the encouragement to carry through.
  • Stevie - The Boot. Knows how to fight, and how to step on things. Has a couple of weaknesses but it's more fun that way.
  • Way - Agent of chaos? Probably. We give each other shit, but I'll always pull him out of the fires he starts. Unless it's funny not to.
  • Fawn - The little sister that is different from the little sisters that I actually have. Watching her find who she is makes me feel proud.
  • Jeanie - Race Car, the one who was always there. Delving into a dangerous world, and I am glad that it is with us.
  • MacKenzie - Some kind of robit? Starting to understand that safety is us, not a place, maybe?


  • Molly - Night's Dark Avenger. The Midnight Hooter.
  • Fen - I have a hard time trusting what she is, but I like who she seems to want to be, and that's enough.
  • Mingzhu - Lucky charm. I did not realize that the moon was a thing you could become, that's so coooool.
  • Stasya - Fierce! And takes on fire bears, so that is also legit.
  • Hudson - Nice shooting, just sometimes that's not the right leverage for a fuck-off huge gator.
  • Sage - Becoming another staple of the karaoke crew, trying to show the rest of us up.

Wolf — Iced Earth

Even a man who is pure
And says his prayers by night
(He won't hear your prayers)
May become a wolf
When the wolfsbane blooms
And the autumn moon is bright
(There's a full moon tonight)

Copperhead Road — Steve Earle

Now the revenue man wanted Grandaddy bad
He headed up the holler with everything he had
'Fore my time but I've been told
He never come back from Copperhead Road

Ramsey Leger
App. Age:
Late 20s
Certainly doesn't grow weed.
Iron Masters
The Fixers




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