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Raimon Luis Costa
Date of Birth April 17, 1886
Apparent Age 30s
Mask Survivor
Dirge Pentitent
Clan Daeva
Covenant Invictus


Five o'clock shadow inching past that goatee? Check. Dark hair quickly slicked back? Check as well. Just a hair under six foot, this slender man wears a layer of artful dishevelment like it's armor. Or maybe he just lost his razor and iron as the dress shirt under his vest also bears more than a few wrinkles.

Common Knowledge

  • Fresh out of about a 30 year long Torpor, Raimon's knowledge of the modern world is a little rusty.
  • New to New Orleans, shouldn't be too surprising this Invictus swore an Oath to Dominic Aelius and then signed the Accords, in that order.

RP Hooks

  • Collector: Luckily, he's got enough standards in what he's after that he's not endanger of being a hoarder. Could you have something he wants?
  • Firearms Enthusiast: Rumor is, possibly a bit more if you know the right people.
  • Opera Aficionado: Whether blaring it in his workshop (on a gramaphone of all devices) or going to a late night show, he seems to be a fan of classical music.


  • TBD