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On the surface, Rafael just seems like another guy in the teeming masses of New Orleans. He doesn't stand out too much, has no co-workers since he makes a living buying and selling vintage items and antiquities on eBay, and tries to keep out of trouble. The people in the building where he lives and the bars he frequents know that he's struggling with a chronic illness of some sort, but he doesn't talk about it - cancer is the most-often guessed source of his suffering by the regulars at the bars where he frequents, but nobody really knows for sure. He doesn't talk about it. He's from New Orleans born and bred, it's known - there are people who have known him peripherally for a long time, although he has few close friends.

Those more 'in the know' would recognize the silver ouroboros ring on his right hand; the sign of the Black Constables. This shady group of supernaturally-aware and talented mortals are the ones to go to if you run into a problem outside the auspices of the Accords - a ghost haunting you, someone getting too close to figuring out you're a supernatural, someone stole an heirloom from your house? If you can pay, they can usually handle it. If you can pay. This isn't a charity, buddy, we got bills to pay.

Roleplay Hooks

Antiquities: Rafael's often to be found in antique shops and thrift stores - or craigslist posts - prowling for vintage objects that he might be able to resell.

Mystical Objects: He possesses an UNSEEN SENSE that applies to such objects. If someone have any, he may be able to feel them, which certainly could draw his attention to them, for good or ill.

Bar Crawling: He spends a good deal of time drinking, perhaps as self-medication. He might be run into at any such bar.

Black Constables: Need help with something that neither the Wardens nor police will help with? Here. My card. He might also be found investigating something for the Constables that you are involved with...


full name
Rafael Castillo
date of birth
Feb 14, 1980
apparent age
Early Middle Age?
The Black Constables
eBay Buyer/Seller

RP Content Warning: Body Horror
Due to the nature of his abilities, use of them can often be horrific in a Cronenberg-esque sense.
If bothered by such things, just let the player know and he'll tone down the detail in those poses.

Contacts & Customers

Eerie - Hope you come back soon; you're missed here.
Seven - I need to get to know this girl better. She's cool as a cucumber and good at what she does.
Samantha - My favorite detective.


The Fixers - They're trouble, but they're the good kind of trouble. Good people.
Band of Savages - Competent vampires, plenty of resources, nice base of operations.


James - You know damn well what you do to me, don't you?


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