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Quinton Ford
Date of Birth 5 Dec 1995
Apparent Age Mid-twenties
Occupation Adventuring blogger
Auspice Rahu
Tribe Blood Talon


Quinton Ford is the producer, owner and star of a pretty successful modern-day adventuring blog. He's been on TV (but more often, YouTube channels and AskMeAnything threads) about his journeys spelunking into hard to tread places of the world, investigations into supposed supernatural events like exorcisms of demonic possessions or strange sightings in the wild and more.

The wealthy scion of a successful local family, Quinton has always been something of a wild type, unwilling to be a lawyer like his dad or be pulled into philanthropy like his socialite mother would have loved for him to do. He was introduced to Brazilian jiu jitsu when he was still a teenager and loved the discipline but, much like other aspects of his life, he didn't know when to stop and turned a healthy interest into an obsessive compulsion.

His First Change did not help the young man settle on a more stable future. He spent the majority of his last year in college setting up a business plan to leverage daredevil adventuring through YouTube into a full time career and, against the odds, people started subscribing to it! He'd go into iffy abandoned houses in the middle of the night with just a body-mounted camera and a strong headlight, hang out in the bayou where strange shapes crawled around in the dark and apparently that was a niche. He made his name - and earned quite a bit of money - from this.

After graduating he took a year in Brazil to combine his two major interests but something must have gone wrong. He did not blog at all for a month and a half, prompting many of his subscribers to assume he had died (and the rumor did nothing that damaged his viewership, if anything word of mouth just caused it to increase even further) but he returned to New Orleans to resume his life.

Just what that means remains to be seen.

RP Hooks

  • Martial arts. He just loves it. Care for a spar?
  • Anything that has to do with the supernatural. He'll never publicize anything covered under the Accords of course but creepy crawly blurry pictures of third-party monsters are right up his alley and he'll love to come hunt it down with you.
  • Adventuring. Got somewhere weird to go? Are you doing something anything risky? He's your sidekick for the day.
  • Do you have an online presence? Are you a celebrity? Do you write about stuff? He's a professional writer (if a very, very niche one).