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////////////////////// Quinn ///
A girl from Michigan. Detroit Lions fan. Went to every MSU Spartans home game with her dad to watch her overprotective older brother play. Things were great, then her older brother came home to stay a week for her commencement and he didn't seem the same. Something wasn't right that last night before graduation. Disbelief. Horror. Changes. Blood. Death. Flight. Quinn has been something of a nomad until the day she rolled into New Orleans.
Legal Name: Quinlan Anne Taylor Birthdate: December 18, 1998
Alias: Quinn Apparent Age: Early 20's
Gender: "I've got a p***y, why?" Occupation: Urban Logistics Specialist
Height: 5'5" Build Slender/Athletic
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue Hometown: Lansing, MI
Auspice: Irraka Tribe: Storm Lords
Blood: Fox Bone: Wallflower
Pack: None
Played By: Carlie Hanson
RP Hooks
Ill-Gotten Gains: She's a good girl, really. But 80% of Quinn's income definitely isn't on the up and up. She won't sell drugs harder than weed (she moves mid-grades and some really sweet exotics) because she doesn't want to seriously hurt anyone and meth heads are fucking annoying to deal with. Anything else though? If Quinn can find a buyer she'll probably fence it for you for a cut of the profits, no questions asked.
Urban Explorer: Abandoned environments. Places you aren't supposed to be. Quinn is a skilled navigator who knows them, she loves finding more and documenting what she finds. She obeys most urban exploration rules (like leaving environments how she found them), but seriously how is it trespassing when no one's using the place?
Courier Service: Quinn has a network of couriers that make legal and illegal deliveries. She'd like to make it a real company on paper. No not just so she can launder money.. well yes, she is going to use it to launder.. look, stop asking questions. She probably needs a serious Alternate Identity first though. Can you help?
That Girl: You know the one. She probably did the thing, or knows who did.
Contacts Playlist
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Created for Quinn by DeepDisaster