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Full name: Prism Tacit
Birthdate: October 31, 1999
Apparent Age: early 20's
Virtue: Curiosity
Vice: Selfish
Race: Human
Occupation: Street Performer/Second Story Woman
Mystery Cult: The Unseen Eye
Notable Effects: Striking Looks 2 (Angelic)
Eye for the Strange
Dexterity 4
Presence 4
Athletics 4
Background & More

The story of the girl now called Prism Tacit is very much atypical. She was born to a reckless woman who had no plans on ever being a parent. She never had a maternal bone in her body. So upon the steps of an orphanage, baby Prism was left after the doors were heavily knocked up before the woman took off. The orphanage was a cruel place that would use the child for labor behind the government’s backs.

After many attempts, she was able to finally run away at the age of 10 without getting caught. She snuck on board the circus train and the ringmaster found her being held up by one of the elephants. She was told either go home or join, so she lied about her age to join the circus. For three years she rigorously trained for performance aerial acrobatics on the trapeze as well as the high wire balancing act. At age 13 she was allowed to start performing for audiences and fell in love with being in the spotlight.

Eventually, the lie about her age was discovered but she was one of the headlining acts and the ringmaster overlooked such details. Over in Europe, the circus thrived but then the trip to America came and the tour only lasted a year before the ringmaster had to close it down permanently.

With the fact she no longer had her job in the circus, no one did, she had to accept a life of living on the streets. She had snuck into the country and had no work visa. Slowly she began to develop a talent for stealing as well as breaking into places. Over the next two years of living on the street, she was able to hone her skills and quickly get better at surviving without the aid of others. Slowly making her way down from the Northern states and eventually winding up in New Orleans at the beginning of May 2020.


Tochek is Prism's newly acquired Mediterranean Gecko she saved from the wine cellar adventure! He is so tiny and adorable! Often lingering somewhere on her person.


The first thing that one will notice is she has two different colored eyes, one is bluish gray while the other is an olive green, and then her Striking Looks (2, Angelic). Her hair is nearly platinum blonde and down to her shoulders, naturally straight. Her skin is nearly a pale ivory and is slowly getting weight back onto her athletic frame with her womanly curves, often wearing clothing that is easy to quickly to move in or immensely fancy.

Roleplay Hooks
Accorded(Fellow Accorded): Her name is on all the list of humans in the know.
Once Famous in Europe, Now Occasional Street Performer(All): She once was the Fabulous Fearless Flying Prism Tacit, the Amazing Acrobat, perhaps you recognize her from when she toured within the past few years? And even though she has a more normal-ish job, she still adores the thrill of performing her ground gymnastics for passing crowds.
Second Story Woman(Criminals): She might just be starting out but she has had a good bit of practice with breaking and entering into places back when she was living on the streets. And she has only become more skilled. Even joining up with a fellow group of thieves known as The Unseen Eye. She doesn't really talk about it much.
L'Auberge(All): She has been recently hired by Gilles as a waitress! Her name tag often reads the name Anastasia.
Fast Metabolism/Foodie(All): Since she once was living on the streets a couple of years after the circus shut down, she is still always hungry and does indeed have a fast metabolism. She is willing to try almost anything food-wise.
Running(All): She loves to do it, though usually to get away from possible danger but still. It is a great past time.
No Touchie!(All): She hates, /HATES/, being touched. She will be quick to run should someone attempt affection. Very closed-lipped as to why. Though as one gets to know her, or she feels a connection with someone, she tends to not be so upset about it. Unless she's known you a while, she tends to warm up then.
Russian(All): She is from Tolyatti. A very poor city in the southern part of Russia.
Illiterate(All): She can't read English but can speak it conversationally well enough. For now.