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I See You

Characters: Harper
Date: 2017-03-31
Summary: Harper goes to find out more about Mikey.
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It's busy in the hospital as ever. There are always people coming in and out. But since it isn't the emergency ward, it's easier to move around and get someone's attention. Well, maybe, anyway. Nurses and doctors and orderlies walk around doing whatever it is that they're doing, their movements purposeful, but not rushed at the moment. There must be no codes right now.

Harper shows up during visiting hours with a teddy bear holding onto a vase. She heads over to reception and asks casually and with a smile, "Hi. I'm looking for Michael Fordham's room." She follows up with, "I think he's in the ICU unit?"

The receptionist looks up, and smiles a little bit. "Michael Fordham? Who are you, honey? You family?" She starts to type something in on her computer, and then looks back at her. "Are you on the list?" She doesn't seem suspicious, just like she's doing her job.

"I'm his cousin Harper." Harper says, and when the receptionist asks about the list her brow furrows a touch, "List? His mom didn't say anything about a list. Should I call her and have her add me?" She lets out a little sigh before she mentions, "Gosh, I have to be back in Chicago in a few days, and I haven't seen him since...well. You know."

"Sure, honey," the receptionist says, and she does look sympathetic, but not like she's going to make an exception to the rule. "Let me just pull up the list. You can call his mom if you want but maybe she put you on it." She types some more things on her computer, frowning in thought.

"I'll probably have to call her." Harper says, and she gets her phone out of her pocket as if she's about to make a call. "You know you're probably busy so I'll just call her." She smiles at the receptionist, and then she goes to the little waiting area. There she calls Time & Temp on her phone, and pretends to have a conversation while getting her laptop out of it's bag. Configuring herself so no one can look at her screen she gets to work.

"Okay, honey, sure." The receptionist nods, looking back to her computer. Hopefully she isn't looking at the list. But she doesn't seem to be, because she seems like the type to call over to her and let her know that she isn't on it, if she isn't on it.

Harper lets out a subtle sigh as she continues pretending to talk on the phone. "Right. Yeah, I just need to know where his mom is so I can talk to her." As she talks she gets into the hospital's website, and then she starts to put her own safeguards up on her laptop to be undetectable. And then she tries hacking into the system to add her name onto the list.

Well, it sure seems that she's on the list. At least, she's definitely added her name to it, and it's there in front of her. Now as long as no one noticed she did it, she'll be golden. At least the receptionist seems none the wiser. Yet.

Harper finishes and closes her laptop, and then she gets off of Time & Temp, and packs her stuff up before she comes back to the Receptionists desk. "Hi. Sorry. It turns out she did add me she just didn't mention it."

The receptionist looks up at her again, and smiles. "Oh, great," she says, and she pulls up the list, scanning it briefly. "Oh, here you are. Harper Lee?" She smiles again, wider this time. "Great name." She nods, and then says, "ID, please." And assuming Harper provides it, she says, "Room 304. Just go up to the third floor.

Harper shows the receptionist her ID, and after thanking her she heads towards the elevator. She gets on, and heads up towards the room.

The room does have a boy in it. And he does, indeed, look like Mikey that she's seen in that place, wherever it is. It's difficult to tell for sure with all the tubes hooked up to him, but it's him. There's a woman sitting in the room with him, who must be his mother. At least, they look alike. She looks like she hasn't slept in...a long time.

Harper could take this as confirmation that Mikey is real, and just leave. After all, if she gets caught she could get really screwed over. But she doesn't leave. Instead she steps into the room and says, "Hi. I..uh, I can go if you want."

The woman looks up when Harper comes in, and reaches up to fix her hair. Perhaps she thinks it's a doctor. When she sees Harper, though, she frowns. Not upset, but in confusion. "Do I know you?" she asks. "Are you a new nurse?" Harper is not wearing scrubs, so...the nurse guess is probably not correct.

"No. Gosh." Harper runs a hand down her face, "I'm a teaching student, and I used to work with Mikey before..." She trails off, "My friend who works here said I could pop in and leave some flowers for him, but I don't think they realized you'd be in here." She puts the teddy bear and flowers down on the counter.

"Oh," Mikey's mother says, and it seems to check out in her opinion. At least, she doesn't question it. "Thank you," she says, and she manages a little wan smile. It's not the best smile in the world, but then, would anyone's be? "That's very nice of you. I'm sure Mikey would like it."

"He was always such a nice kid." It's a lie. Harper has no idea if Mikey is nice or not. She just knows he's a little kid and he's trapped and afraid. "I stopped working at the school before the accident so I didn't really get much detail about it. Just that he was...you know." She motions towards Mikey in the bed.

Mikey's mother nods, sniffing a little bit and wiping her eyes. "He was," she says. She leans forward toward her son, and shakes her head. "We just found him like that in his brother's room," she says. "The doctors don't know what's wrong, just that he won't wake up. Won't respond." Her voice catches in her throat when she says this.

"I'm so sorry. That's terrible." Harper says, and she gives Mikey's mother a sympathetic look before she looks back to Mikey. "He was always such a smart kid. Real good with computers, I remember." She turns then to look down at Mikey in his bed, and she reaches down to touch his hand. She looks away then, "Do you want me to get you some coffee or something to eat?"

"Thank you," Mikey's mother says, taking a little breath and steadying herself. "He is smart," she agrees, watching her son, before she turns back to Harper. "I'm al right," she says, "but thank you." She pauses, then says, "I'm Teresa."

"Harper." Harper says, and she gives her a little smile, although it is tempered by the situation. "You know it was the oddest thing. Mikey was always so good on computers, but I remember they used to just short out all the time he used them. That happen at home?"

"Nice to meet you, Harper," Teresa says. "Thanks so much for coming to visit Mikey." When Harper asks this, though, she frowns again, and shakes her head. "No," she says. "I don't think so. Not that I remember." She reaches up to push some hair out of her face, "He liked to watch cartoons. //Likes// to watch them." Mikey's not dead yet, after all, and she's keeping hope alive.

"You know it was probably just the faulty wiring. New Orleans never puts enough funding into their schools." Harper says, and she looks at Mikey one last time before she says, "He's going to have a lot of cartoons to catch up with when he wakes up, then." She smiles, "It's nice meeting you, Teresa." That said she reaches down to touch Mikey's hand, and turns to go.

"Maybe," Teresa says, and when Harper takes her leave, she smiles again, still small, but definitely genuine. "Thank you for coming," she says again. "Come whenever you want. I'm sure he'd be happy if he knew he had a lot of visitors."

"Hopefully he won't be here for much longer." Harper says optimistically, and then she steps out of the room, and heads towards the elevator.