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House Hunting

Characters: Draco, Shelby
Date: 2017-05-20
Summary: Shelby is looking for a house in the Leonidas neighborhood. Draco is looking to help.
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          This part of town is notorious for shootings, muggings and all  
  other manner of violent crime. Recent years have seen a change in       
  Leonidas however. Some parts, especially those closer to the            
  Mississippi, now the middling stages of gentrification. Newly built     
  restaurants can be found around Leake Ave, but the reopened classics are
  all further inland.                                                     
          Every house here is different, and barely anyone is afraid to   
  use brighter colors on the outside of their homes. Balconies and patios 
  can be orange even neon green, but there are some places with more muted
  tones. Many residences are worn in some way. Chipping paint, loose      
  siding and cracked columns are just part of the neighborhood's          

Shelby is walking down the street, a paper sack clutched in one hand. From the delightful odors, the sack seems to contain leftovers from one of the restaurants on Leake Avenue. He's an odd sort, looking like the King of the Nerds, polite to any he passes by with a soft, Brit accented greeting. He slows his walk and stops in front of a house that looks to be empty, the grass a little too tall, the pastel blue paint fading.

In an alleyway across the street, Draco is leaning against a wall putting a smoke in his mouth, looking like six feet of homelessness on a stick, even as he has his head bent down for a moment, lighting his smoke before he looks up and out of the alleyway, taking a deep drag of it before his eyes start following Shelby for a moment, him thinking as he tilts his head, recognizing the supernatural touching the human, before he goes to walk across the street, not caring about the cars as he walks up beside the man, not saying anything as he stares at the house... "You know , I'm fairly sure they are willing to sell that place." he ends with a shrug, before glancing over to you and adding "Of course, that means after they get rid of the gang members in there."

Shelby shrugs. "I'm sure the residents of this neighborhood would agree, though I'm sure they are also concerned with the method of removal," he murmurs. And then he double takes, finally realizing that there is someone standing next to him and conversing as opposed to the usually rambling inside his head. "Oh! I didn't see you there. Or, I suppose I did and just wasn't paying attention. Did you know that this neighborhood is also known as Pigeon Town? That's actually supposed to be Pidgin, which is a sort of language used for communication between people who speak differing languages. A lingua franca of sorts," he rambles on.

Shrugging, Draco glances to you before saying easily "its no problem man. But I'm kinda a highschool drop out, so lay it easily on the big words?" he gives a kind of simple looking smile, standing at ease even as he plays on the fact /everyone/ thinks he is stupid before he glances back to the house... "What method of removal do you think they are so afraid of, though?"

Shelby glances down at the ground. "Sorry, a little too much book learning on my part. I tend towards an almost insipid tendency for loquaciousness...that is to say, I use big words as a habit." He coughs into a fist. "I'll try to keep things real, as the young folk say," he says ways more awkwardly than expected of a man in his mid thirties. "The method of removal I refer to is the police. They can be rather heavy handed at times," is his dry response to the other man's question.

Barking out a laugh, Draco shakes his head before stating "I can use words like loquaciousness. Heavens know that I can be rather interesting with my /own/ word choice. Hmm... You want this place, Cuz?" he asks as he jutts his chin out, before glancing to you and adding "I could take care of the... Problem, if you want? And 'real'?" He still finds it humorous as he takes another long drag of his smoke.

Shelby slides a little away from the man, and gives him a side eye. "Cuz?" He looks him up and down, then shakes his head. "Who sent you? Lee? I don't need protection, thank you very much. And I don't want you to take care of the problem. If I want the place I can buy it, and I'd prefer to not be the cause of any bloodshed. Or owe any favors."

Rolling his eyes, Draco shrugs before saying easily "I call most people cousin, man. Chill. And who said anything about blood shed?" he asks as he raises an eyebrow, really not knowing /anything/ about all he is saying, before shrugging and adding "First of all, not offering protection. Second of all, I was hoping to get a chance to actually get something hot in my belly for a night, and third of all, I can handle a couple of gangsters without hurting them." The 'much' is left unsaid as he raises an eyebrow before putting his hands in his pockets, still taking a drag from the smoke in his mouth as he studies you in almost an unconcerned manner

Shelby looks disgustedly at Draco. Then he looks away, as if towards some fourth wall. And then he looks back. "All this for a po'boy and fries. Here." He hands over his sack of food. "Have a good day." And he turns to continue his walk down the street.

Shaking his head as he goes to walk after you, Draco passes the food back before saying "Relax. I was just going to give them a water problem to wash them out and make them think the water main was busted, mister...?" he asks as he walks beside you, because Draco... Really has a problem with people saying 'no' to him before he shrugs and asks "So... Whose this 'Lee'?" he asks even though he glances down alleyways, making sure no one is coming along, before he adds "Although, if i'm honest, part of that was prompted because you remind me of a friend I have. Lucas... something or other. Sorry if I offended you."

Shelby grumbles as he walks, "This is what got you in all this trouble in the first place. Go to the club, Shelby. It'll be fun, Shelby. Bah!" He takes the sack back from Draco. "Thank you very much. None of your business, apology accepted, and I feel sorry for this Lucas something or other if he or she considers you a friend."

"Wow." he ends with a snort, shaking his head before adding "This 'Lucas' normally feels sorry for himself as well because of our friendship, though. Probably because I'm an asshole." Draco ends with a roll of his shoulders, walking with you but only because, ironically enough, he needs to go this way to get towards his /own/ home.