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Get Swole

Characters: Daniel, Luz
Date: 2017-09-25
Summary: A gym-goer finds an unlikely workout partner. It's a bit miss-matched.
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.oO( Rounder's Gym )Oo....................................................o.
  It's evident this former warehouse is no regular gym upon entering.     
  Front and center are four raised and roped "octagons" for MMA fighters  
  or would-be fighters to spar. The receptionist's counter sits off to the
  side of the front door for easy check-in. A sign cheerfully proclaims   
  that drop-ins are welcome for the price of $15 but "Membership Plans for
  every budget are available."                                            
  A variety of weight machines take up the space along one                
  brightly-painted blue wall while cardio machines line another. Along the
  back wall are five smaller rooms, each equipped with floor mats and     
  mirrored walls, evidently for classes or group sessions. A hallway leads
  to the locker room, supply closet, and office.                          


Rounder's Gym on a Monday afternoon may not be the most happenin' place in the city, but there are a handful of people around. One of the handful is Luz, dressed in workout shorts and a Marine Corps t-shirt with her hair pulled back, but messy enough to give the impression she's been working out for a while. She's sqaured off against one of the punching bags, hands and wrists wrapped, rather than gloved. The other people there seem to be giving her plenty of space, even though her hand-to-hand has the air of running drills instead of really pushing herself.

Daniel looks like he's just arrived -- at least, he's not sweating yet, so if he's been there, he's //really// not doing much of anything. And why would we want to be paying Holden for doing nothing? We wouldn't, that's why. He glances around, looking for DANGER.

Okay, not really.

But he really does look around, and so he does see Luz. He watches her for a second or two, but not really like he's checking her out, before he look away to start unracking some weights. Sans spotter. So the DANGER is HIM! Meta.

Whether it's that look her direction or a keen awareness of someone newly arrived, Luz ends up looking Daniel's way, too. Her brow furrows, because he is familiar-ish, and it takes her a moment to place him. Or maybe, when she moves his way, it's less out of passing recognition and more because he is being Unsafe. So while he gathers his weights, he suddenly has company. "I'm just winding down, if you don't have a spotter," she offers, in what she, at least, sees as a normal gym courtesy.

Daniel looks up when someone speaks near him, and comes face to face with Luz. "Oh, hey," he says, and he glances down at his weights, before looking up at her again. "Uh, sure," he says, before he adds, "thanks. It's not going to be anything that strenuous." He smiles, lying down on the bench and glancing up to make sure she's ready, before he grabs the bar. And yeah, it's really not that much weight, but safety first. It may seem like he doesn't remember her and just looked at her because she's cute or whatever, but after a second, he asks, "How's your friend? Still hustling?" Presumably he means Joaquin.

"Well, then it won't be so bad if I use spotting as a cover tot ake a breather," Luz says, although this is likely a joke. Since she wouldn't want him stuck under the bar. And also since she doesn't appear to really need a break. At the question, though, Luz chuckles. "God, I hope not. Not with pool, anyway." She is not above teasing him even though he isn't actually present.

"Oh, good. Glad I could help you out." Daniel lets out a little chuckle as he presses the bar upward, then brings it back down. One hopes that a grown man could bench press 50 pounds, and it seems like he can, so that's good! "He did have me going," he admits. "That was a nice last shot." He glances at her briefly, then adds, "I'm Daniel, by the way. I always say that you should get to know your spottee."

It's good that he can. It would be a little sad, if not. Still, Luz lingers in the tradtional spotter position, just in case. At least she doesn't seem to think he needs her to be hovering too actively. But, should the worst happen, she is there. "Sometimes it's hard to tell if he's pulling a fast one or if he's just lucky," she says, of Joaquin and his last minute save. "Probably a good idea. Luz," she offers in return. "Nice to meet you."

"I wish I was that lucky." Daniel's smile widens a little bit, as he continues, "Nice to meet you, Luz." He does a couple more, before he puts it back into the rack and sits up. "So. Come here often?" It's said a little bit wryly, though, more joking than serious. He gets up then, gesturing to the bench, should she want to use it. "Fair's fair, right? Feel free to add more. I'm pretty sure you bench way more than me."

"Get to know him a little better, you'll take that wish back," Luz says, dryly. When he sits up, she lifts an eyebrow at this question, then smirks in response. "Yeah," she says, "so what's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" Hers is equally tongue-in-cheek. But then he's up and offering to switch places, and Luz looks at him, looks at the weights, then tilts her head for a moment before she turns to add weight. Lots more. Although, not so much that he wouldn't be able to actually help her. "Only because I had to learn to keep up with a bunch of grunts." It's sort of the truth. It's at least half of the truth. But she takes his spot on the bench, settling in before she grips the bar. "So," she says, as she starts her lifts, "what do you do?" It's ask as conversationally as if they were sitting at a bar or meeting on a train, like she might chat people up while bench pressing on a regular basis.

Daniel's eyes widen -- he wasn't kidding about her benching more than him, but...yeah. That's a lot more than he'd go for generally. He could still help, but hopefully she doesn't drop it. "Uh," he says, before he shakes his head a little bit, and refocuses. It wouldn't do to get distracted and not actually be doing what he's supposed to be doing. "I'm a doctor over at Mercy Baptist. What about you? Military?" He's picked that much up from what she's said, at least.

"Oh yeah? Don't get too many fancy doctors in here. Not that I've seen, anyway," Luz says, perhaps teasing a little. There's a small pause whenever she brings the bar back up, but he doesn't seem to be in danger of needing to rescue her. Not yet, anyway. "Former military. Marines. Oorah," she says, although will less gusto than she might of when she was active duty. "Now I'm a security gaurd."

Daniel laughs, and shakes his head. "I wouldn't say I was fancy," he says. "No private practice for me." At her answer, though, he adds, "Oh, well, there you go. No wonder. You looked like you were going to knock the bag right out of the ceiling and you weren't even trying that hard." It's obviously meant to be a compliment, though. "I just come because it's cheap. I'm not about to try any of those rings."

"Oh, well, that's okay, then," Luz says, as far as his current fancy rating. His observation makes her laugh, and she shakes her head as she sets the bar back into place and sits up herself. "Maybe next time. Although, I don't think Holden would appreciate it." She looks over at him at his last words, nodding. "That's why I'm here, too. I haven't gotten into the ring with anyone, but it's a good place to keep in shape. No smoothie bar, either." Which, apparently, is a point in its favor.

"Maybe not," Daniel admits. "I haven't met him but I've seen him around." Since, as the owner, one presumes that he is here some of the time. Even though it doesn't seem as though he is. It's magic. "No smoothie bar is definitely a plus," he admits. "I dated a girl once who was really into wheatgrass." He makes a face at this. "I guess that was doomed to fail."

"He's a good guy. Seems to be," Luz says, since it isn't like they're BFFs. Pajama parties will come later, maybe. "Ugh, wheatgrass," she says, emphatically. "It sounds terrible and it tastes even worse." His last words get a crooked smile, though. "Some things just aren't meant to be."

OR ARE THEY?! Well, maybe not. "Yeah," he says, with a little nod. "It sucked, too, because she was really hot." However, this, as well, sounds like a joke, complete with a little quirked smile of his own. "Maybe I really //should// be drinking wheatgrass. But if that's what it takes I'd rather be average and eat pizza."

At his lament, Luz rolls her eyes, but it's not a serious expression, so she must have caught the joke. "Beauty is pain, or so they say. Even if it's just the pain of health food." Because this that they're doing isn't painful at all, of course. "Plus, pizza is delicious. If wheatgrass was delicious, the whole world could be healthier, yeah?"

"Yeah," Daniel says with a little grin. "If wheatgrass was delicious I wouldn't be seeing any of my Type 2 patients." No one ever got diabetes from wheatgrass, right? "But I'd miss Mr. Harland. He's a cool guy." He shifts a little bit, though he's still paying attention, Luz! Don't worry! "Have you been in New Orleans that long?"

Luz lifts an eyebrow at his first words. "I'm sure he'd be just as happy to hang out with you, either way," she notes dryly. The question, though, is taken with an easy smile, "I grew up here. Came back after my discharge. How about you? A lifer?" That's a military joke. Probably.

"Maybe he would," Daniel says with a grin. "I guess I'm okay. Sometimes." He nods, though, and replies, "Pretty much. I was born in Korea but I've lived here since I was three. So, yeah. No plans to go anywhere else. Unless I get a fellowship or something, but I doubt it. I'm not that ambitious." This gets another wry chuckle.

"Sometimes," Luz says, with a smirk. "I'm with you, I spent my ambition already. Now I'm happy to hang out and cruise, see what comes along." Of course, she probably doesn't think she'll really be that chill, but one can hope.

"Oh, see? I knew you were cool." Daniel gives her a thumbs up from above, and adds, "Always nice to meet a fellow slacker. It's tough to hold the line when everyone else is applying for whatever the hell, but I pride myself in my laziness." Of course, it's unlikely that either of them are //really// lazy, considering, but still. "If I hear of anything for you, I'll make sure not to tell you."

"I appreciate that," Luz says, to his last words, "And I'll be sure not to refer anybody to you." A favor for a favor and all that. It appears she's done working out, because she gets up to her feet and starts putting back her weights. "Make sure you've got time to bring up your Angry Birds score." Hers might be sizeable, since there is a lot of sitting around involved in security guarding.

"Thank you," Daniel replies, "that's really nice of you. I appreciate it." His tone gets a little less joking, and he adds, "And thanks for this." He grabs a weight to start putting it away, too, and at least he can hold one at a time! "If you eve need a workout buddy and I'm here just let me know. I'm definitely not going to try and match reps with you but I can cheer you on."

"Oh, anytime," Luz says, more sincerely, so she must meant it for his own more sincere thank you. "Same offer, you know, if you need. I'm here pretty regularly. And don't worry, I won't challenge you too much." Maybe a little, though, that may imply.

"Not too much is just how much I like," Daniel says, his eyes crinkling up a little bit in the corners with his smile, and he reaches a hand out for her to shake. "I'll definitely take you up on it. Nice to meet you, Luz."

Luz chuckles and reaches out to give his hand a shake. She doesn't even squish him, so she must be used to shaking hands with people who are not body builder types, too. "It's been my pleasure, Daniel," she says, "I'll see you around." Which is how she's been seeing him so far, so maybe it's not a terrible plan.

Well, that's nice! No crushed bones is very pleasant. Thanks, Luz! "See you," Daniel adds, and he turns then starting toward the bathrooms. One assumes that there are bathrooms in the place, even though everyone is super swole. Swole people need to take shower too, right?