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Odile Devereux
Date of Birth August 4, 1925
Apparent Age Mid-20's
Needle Storyteller
Thread Memory
Occupation Ex-prima ballerina, 'retired' con artist, socialite
Seeming Darkling
Kith Mirrorskin
Court Autumn


Once upon a time, there was a little ugly duckling who wanted to be a swan.

And a swan she became, graceful, beautiful and driven to be the best swan she could possibly be. She was so talented at being a swan that her beloved Paris had sent her across the ocean, to dance her swan dance in a city not unlike the one she left. And then she watched from afar as her Paris was reduced to rubble, set aflame by black eagles that dropped suns from the heavens, and invaded by fearsome metal beasts that crushed dirt, bones and corpses underneath their feet.

But what was a swan to do? She knew nothing but dance, and dance she did until she met a beautiful white peacock who proclaimed his love, and promised to take her away to a secret kingdom full of majestic wonders, where she could dance in his court and play in its games.

The white peacock was a liar.

She was made to dance violently until she shed her feathers, one by one lost until there was not a one left. She played his games, but his friends developed a taste for hunting swans, and it wasn't long until they hunted her, too. She learned how to change, little by little, to hide instead of shine, for shining meant capture and she didn't want to get caught.

But she got caught anyway, over and over, again and again, and the consequences were indescribable.

Battered and broken, the little swan continued to try, until her changes were so perfect that one day, she was able to slip away from the white peacock's palace unnoticed. While she could no longer fly, she discovered that she could run. And run she did, into the woods and its paths full of thorns and brambles, and immersed herself so deeply within them that she became the thorns and brambles, and so eluded her hunters.

When the little swan finally reached the end of the woods, she discovered that her world had changed. That she had changed. That she could keep changing as much as she wanted.

So the little swan wandered into the world she didn't know, had to know, without looking back, leaving her feathers behind.

And thought to herself that perhaps this life would be easier had she been born a fox, instead.


She is slender and clearly sophisticated, if not just for these visible efforts in bringing vintage glamor back to more modern times. Odile Devereux doesn't look older than her mid-twenties, with hair blacker than night, usually pulled in a neat coiffure to emphasize the sleek, elegant lines of her face, neck and shoulders. Her eyes are of a blue so pale, it straddles the line between striking and disconcerting...if anyone ever sees them anyway, given her preference to wear hats that shadow most of her alabaster complexion, and large sunglasses that take up nearly half of her visage. Pearls and bold lip lacquer add vibrant spots of color to her otherwise monochromatic palette.

Underneath the Mask, Arcadia's influence swirls around her in plumes of obsidian smoke, perpetually blanketing a lithe, feminine silhouette set with long, graceful limbs and obscuring the finer details of her from view, though teasing glimpses can be seen now and then through coruscating breaks; skin as luminous as the full moon, and as reflective as mirrors in the right angle. There is always a single visible eye, however, even while bands of obfuscating black slash across her face, glinting a silvery gray.

RP Hooks

  • Autumn Court - Odile is a courtier of the Autumn Court, and is particularly adept at investigation and ferreting out secrets.
  • Ballerina - In her former life, she was a prima ballerina for the Ballet de l'Opera national de Paris, active from the late 1930's - 1940's...until her rising star was stolen from her.
  • Bilingual - She is fluent in English and French, and native speakers of the latter would easily identify a Parisian accent.
  • International Woman of Mystery - Or not so mysterious, in certain circles. She is a skilled thief, and an even better confidence artist, and has amassed a hefty fortune in her decades being both across continents. She claims that she is 'retired', but she could never resist a good game.
  • Mirrorskin - Odile is a Changeling, and one that can adopt almost any appearance she wants.
  • Night Owl - She keeps nocturnal hours.
  • Patron of the Arts - While she can be counted on to be in attendance at the most elaborate ballet and operatic performances in the city, she appreciates other works of art.
  • Socialite - She has enough material wealth to keep a schedule reflective of an idolent lifestyle, but looks are, as always, deceiving.
  • Throw Money At It - She does this a LOT.


  • Louis - Ah, my dear. You've come very far from the state in which I've found you, not that I ever doubted your drive. Your company is always a pleasure.
  • Rhys - You're a dangerous one, like all Kindred, but I know your face. How, I wonder? The memory will return to me, eventually.
  • Demitrius - I had hoped that these world's difficulties would have passed you by completely, if not just because you were a much needed balm in my time in New York, and yet...oh, cher. What happened to you?
  • Emma - I can see why Louis likes her, though I suspect not for the same reasons he harbors...or perhaps they are. In need of a very good dictionary.
  • Phoebe - She blushes so fetchingly. Thank goodness she has a protector.
  • Robin - Typical Summer, but not wholly unarmed with salient points as sharp as the spears he claims to own.
  • Ian - His position is understandable, his worries even moreso.
  • Celeste - A vampire, yes, but lovely, with impeccable manners and can speak proper French. This one may stay.
  • Marshall - The Rotwood Reaper, falsely accused. Or so they say. Money talks quite loudly, however, considering he won his civil suit for wrongful imprisonment. A photographer by trade, apparently, and surprisingly intelligent. Could use a haircut.
  • Lysander - A Keeper of the Accords, speaks proper French, and a fan of the stage, armed with a dangerously smooth silver tongue as could be expected from anyone who holds the position. I like this one.
  • Jules - TBD
  • Jack - TBD
  • Peter - TBD



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