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Nyx Athena Calligaris

Date of Birth: 30 Oct 1969
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Sphere: Vampire - Ghoul
Occupation: Classified
Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Cruel

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RP Hooks

New Meat: Not from around here, Nyx is a new face, fresh meat, a novelty.
Gothic: It's a lifestyle, not a fashion statement. Architecture, artwork, poetry, she loves it all.
Vegan: Yes, she's a vegan, she won't try to convince anyone else to go that way though, mostly because she couldn't care less about what other people do. Meat does disgust her though, so don't be offended if she gags when you take a bite of that burger.
Driver: Nyx drives a sexy little Jaguar F-Type sports car and man can she drive it! Wanna race?
Ghoul: She's one of those servants to the undead, a fangbanger, a blood bag, and she's unflinchingly loyal to her Regnant.
Stone Cold: Not the wrestler, it's just Nyx's demeanor, she's not a people person, she's a bit of a bitch, sarcasm is her native tongue, and looking down her nose is really the only way she knows how, unless...you're bigger and badder.


Feggari mou - My Regnant, salvation in darkness, tending to my fear and my ambition.

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