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Nicolas Galan
Date of Birth 13 Oct 1965
Apparent Age Late twenties
Needle Scholar
Thread Hate
Seeming Fairest
Kith Chirurgeon
Court Autumn


Once upon a time there was a fortunate son. A young man with a privileged upbringing, an excellent education, and a promising new career as a doctor. And then he was Taken by the Green Fairy and lost it all.

In Her realm he became The Lady’s Surgeon, helping her transform Changelings and Hobs to suit her whims. And while he took great pride in doing this work well, it was tempered by two certainties: first, that he did not belong there, and second, that someday The Lady would have no further use for him. So he learned as much as he could about his Keeper and Her realm, laying careful plans for an eventual escape. Eventually came and he put his plans in motion; in the resulting commotion he escaped, along with several others, and made his way back through the Hedge to find himself again.

Now he’s returned as Doctor Nicolas Galan, remarkable to mortals only for being a bit reserved and old-fashioned for a man in his late twenties. Behind this Mask is an Autumn Fairest, new to the city and looking to make a home for himself.

RP Hooks

  • New in Town: He's recently arrived in New Orleans and looking for a nice place to live, as well as the best food and liquor.
  • Sawbones: Broken limbs and a sucking chest wounds? He can fix that. And possibly suggest a few small improvements while you're under the knife. Would you like to pay with blood or tissue samples?
  • Autumn: He is definitely the studious type. Books? Research? Forbidden Knowledge? Yes please.