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Stats and Vitals

Occupation - Part-time Bartender/Full-Time Trouble
DoB - May 7 1991
Apparent Age - Late 20s
Virtue - Hope
Vice - Gluttony
Race - Psychic Vampire

Nicola Aline Thibodeaux



Known by Most: Nicola lives in her van, a custom job with an airbrushed painting on the side of Nicola herself astride a unicorn shooting flame from its nostrils, a jungle landscape in the background, you scratch it and she just might give you a free vacation in the ICU. She's a weird mix of a squealing girly girl, who collects unicorns of the plushy and figurine persuasion, and baseball bat toting badass, who likes to start bar brawls when she drinks tequila. She can dress up and speak as though she has a college degree or she wears tight leather and swears to make sailors blush. She will go on rants about how chocolate is pumped full of chemicals to brainwash the sheeple, how the planet is dying and people are the virus killing it, but she's also been known to munch on a burger while giving a lecture on animal cruelty in the meat industry. IN other words she is a dichotomy and sometimes a hypocrite.

Known by Some: After meeting a man named Marcus Bernard, Nicola went off the deep end and alienated a lot of people. She left home after a falling out with her parents, but she checks in on her little sister now and then.

Known to Very Few: Nicola didn't know how to control her powers and during a one-night stand she killed someone. After that Marcus found her once more, he taught her what he could about her power, how to control it, and the rest of the supernatural world around her, at least as much as he knew. He got her to sign the Accords and then once again ghosted her. While she's a loner, or so it seems, Nicola is scared to death she will be alone forever.


Bloody Creature Poster Girl
No Rest for the Wicked
I'm Coming In Hot
Kill or be Killed


Cocktails: She loved the movie and has her own little spin when she's slinging drinks, just watch her closely. She also drinks them...a lot.

Party On!: There's not much that can stop Nicola from joining a good party, even if she's not invited! Drugs, Booze, and Brawling, she's in!

Psychic Vamp: She will literally eat your soul or maybe just a little.

Medium: Ghosts and spirits, she can see you, and she's hungry! Nicola can communicate with spirits and ghosts, she can see and at times physically interact with them, in fact, she can eat them. YUM!

Occult: While Nicola always loved learning about the occult, after a very traumatic time in her life where she became a life sucking succubus, Nic may have gone a little overboard. In fact, Nicola has become a bonafide occult expert, but her specialty is Vampirism.

Sociopath: Like diagnosed. Need someone with very few qualms about doing bad things, Nic's yer girl! Really hard for her to make any sort of meaningful connections with people. So those few she does attach to have a rabidly loyal friend.


  • The One - DAYUM! Perfection made flesh. My new religion. Not gonna lie though, got me conflicted
  • Lunch - I've seen ya naked, like real naked, you were missing skin. Bonding through Trauma.
  • Firestarter - Ya set me on fire and saved my life. We're gonna do some really terrible and epic things together.