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Eugenia Hebert

Apparent Age: Mid-twenties
Occupation: Bayou-dweller
Virtue: Generous
Vice: Stubborn
Race: Wolfblood
Tell(s): ????
Pack: None


Just a woman living in the bayou. No real interest in city life, preferring living off the land and trade with other similarly swampy folk.

Is starting to learn the very, very basics about Uratha.

RP Hooks

Home - Has a little shack out in the bayou east of New Orleans, completely off the grid
Wildlife - Good with animals, less good with people
Herbalist - Knows a lot about the flora and fauna of the swamp. Decent at making herbal remedies
Music - Plays the fiddle. Badly.
Generous - Will give whatever she has to whomever needs. Sometimes to her own detriment
Stubborn - Mules take lessons from this one
Woodworker - Trades wood carving and furniture with other bayou folks. Sometimes this gets sold onwards.


The People
Bowen - Him talk. A _lot_.
Ramsey - Strange.
Zephyr - Waste a' good mashwarohn!

The Others
Colm- Reliable, good padna.
Nikolai- Coo-yon - swimmin' in th' bayou! In night!
Willard - Smart.


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