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Morgan Harker
Date of Birth May 4th, 1998
Apparent Age Early 20s
Virtue Just
Vice Hedonistic
Occupation Hell Raiser
Template Wolf Blooded
Auspice Full Moon's Birth
Tribe Skolis-Ur's Blood
Pack Bird Watchers


Morgan Harker isn't from around here. The accent is Southern, but the twang speaks of Tennessee. She rolled into the city with a few others, after some cross-country road trip. Her guitar broken. Her lightsaber whole. Barely any scratch in her pocket. Looking for either a new place to call home, or one to at least recoop in.

RP Hooks

  • Wolf Blooded - Morgan was raised by a mother that was blooded and called the Storm Lords her tribe. She's not unfamiliar with wolves, and holds the tribal vow close to her heart.
  • Hell Raiser - Bar brawls. Drinking. Excess. All are a Yes.
  • Wanna See My Lightsaber? - Jedi? Sith? It's complicated.


Jordan - Best Carpool Ever.

Taylor - Clever. Scrappy. My kind of People.

Helene - Legs for days.